Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Eviction Nominations – Week 7

Haleigh Broucher now has the power to try to make a major Big Brother 20 move. She had that power last week with the Hacker competition, but Veto competition saved Tyler Crispen from eviction. This week, two powers could mess up Haleigh’s plan to target and evict Tyler.

Big Brother Nominations

The first wrench in her nominations comes with the Hacker competition. If Haleigh wins it again, then she has nothing to worry about. If someone from her side gets it, she also can sit pretty, but if the opposing side wins it, Haleigh may have to scramble and rethink her nominations.

The BB app store power is the second twist that may mess up Haleigh’s plans this week. Tyler could use his app to stop her from nominating him as an initial nominee or as a backdoor option. With so many variables in play, Haleigh has to be very careful how she plays this week.

This morning and last night, Haleigh confirmed that she planned to nominate Kaycee Clark and Angela Rummans. She changed her mind from nominating Sam Bledsoe and Kaycee when she realized there was a possibility of winning Sam as an ally this week.

A little before the nomination ceremony, she questioned whether she should keep Kaycee off the block, and nominate JC Mounduix instead, because she worried that he was painting Faysal Shafaat and her as a showmance.



Haleigh nominated Kaycee Clark and Angela Rummans for eviction. With the Hacker competition playing out soon, the nominatons could change before the day ends.

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