Celebrity Big Brother 3 Episode 2 Recap: First Block Nominations 2/3/22

During the premiere of Celebrity Big Brother 3 last evening, the celebs entered the Big Brother house and became acquainted with one another. Miesha Tate, former UFC champion, won the first Head of Household competition quite easily. This was not a huge surprise as the competition relied heavily on physical strength.

Tonight, Miesha must nominate the first two celebrities to the block for eviction this week. In addition, there is a secret power that will be revealed that sits inside the Gala Gift box. Host Julie Chen teased that this power will be a blessing to one houseguest and a curse to another. Tonight, all of that and more will be revealed.

First Celebrity Big Brother 3 Alliances

The first alliance in the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house is called Gays and Gals was initiated by Carson Kressley. Included in this alliance are Todrick Hall, Cynthia Bailey, Shanna Moakler, and of course Carson. Miesha wants to recruit Todrick and include him in an athletic alliance with Lamar Odom. Todrick is over the moon with all of his choices. Miesha also proposed a final two with Todrick which he accepted.

To put the cherry on top for Todrick, Chris Kirkpatrick approached Todrick to try and set up an alliance with him. As if that was not enough, Teddie Mellencamp and Mirai Nagasu asked him to work with them in an alliance. That almost wraps up the entire Big Brother house working with Todrick except for Chris Kattan and Todd Bridges. Todrick shared that it wasn’t possible to set up an alliance with them because they sleep all the time. Todd and Chris need to rise and shine before they sleep through the game.

The house majority alliance may end up being one that includes Carson, Todrick, Cynthia, Shanna, Mirai, and Teddie. Carson threw out the name of the Formation which all of the group loved. The Formation is official inside the Big Brother house.

Gala Gift Reveal

The celebrity houseguest that possesses this gift will be untouchable for the week. That means they will not be able to be nominated to the block or evicted. The gift is in the form of a hat. The receiver of the hat is where the twist lies.

Miesha, as the first HOH, will hand off the hat to the first houseguest. Then the hat will be passed from houseguest to houseguest. Only the last houseguest to receive this fashion-forward design will receive its powers and be granted safety for the week.

Miesha gave the hat to Chris Kirkpatrick, then to Chris Kattan, then Todd, followed by Teddie and then Lamar. The next celeb to receive the hat was Carson who gave it to Todrick. The hat went to Mirai next and she gave it to Shanna who gave it to the last available celebrity, Cynthia.

Cynthia is safe for the week from eviction. The curse of the hat was revealed to be that even if you are not nominated to the block on eviction night, you could still be going home. Now that’s a scary Big Brother twist.

Week One Block Nominations

Meisha spoke with Mirai in the HOH room about her possible targets for the week. Meisha asked Mirai if she would take one for the team and be a pawn for the week and go on the block. Meisha assured Mirai that she was not the target for eviction. Her target is Teddie.

Immediately, Mirai went to Teddie and told her that Meisha wanted to backdoor her this week. Mirai spilled all the beans to Teddie, down to the fact that Meisha saw Teddie as a threat.

Once this juicy tidbit makes its way through the alliance, everyone can see that Mirai cannot be trusted. Meisha is not so happy she has to come up with a new game plan for eviction this week.

Meisha asked Carson if he would go on the block as a pawn this week. He reluctantly agreed. How could he say no when she was in his alliance.

In the end, Meisha nominated Mirai and Carson to the block for eviction this week. Now, the power of veto is the only way to save them from the block for possible eviction this week.

Join us again tomorrow evening for a special 2-hour live eviction episode. 

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