Celebrity Big Brother 3: Premiere Night Recap

Tonight, Big Brother fans welcomed the premiere of the third edition of Celebrity Big Brother after a three-year void from CBS. The 11 new houseguests have already settled into their new digs, and we will all get to see them entering the Big Brother house tonight.

celebrity big brother 3

With this season only lasting 20 days, as the finale airs on February 22, this season will be more fast-paced than the regular season of Big Brother. Julie Chen Moonves is back to host and guide us through all the action, including two evictions each week. Buckle up and get ready for the newest season of Celebrity Big Brother.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 Cast Reveal

Celebrity Big Brother 3 is here and the cast was recently revealed. This year’s cast will include Carson Kressley, Chris Kattan, Chris Kirkpatrick, Cynthia Bailey, Lamar Odom, Miesha Tate, Mirai Nagasu, Shanna Moakler, Teddi Mellencamp, Todd Bridges, and Todrick Hall. This cast of characters should provide for some good Big Brother TV over the coming few weeks.

Celebrity Big Brother 3 Move-in Day

All 11 celebrity houseguests entered the Big Brother house one at a time. Chris Kattan toasted all of the celebrities, and now the game is underway.

Chris Kattan was off to a rough start as he does not know the names of his fellow houseguests. Time to take some quick notes, Chris.

Carson Kressley is looking to form the first alliance called the Girls and Gays including Toddrick, Cynthia, Shanna, and himself. This should prove to be an interesting addition to the game, to say the least.

First Head of Household Competition

The houseguests are decked out in glamour wear designed by Man Wan. They are at the Big Brother version of the Met Gala, only in the backyard. Julie asked if any of the houseguests would like to volunteer as the emcee for the event. The twist is that the emcee will not be eligible to participate in the competition and will not be safe from eviction.

The remaining 10 Big Brother houseguests strapped into their swings. The last houseguest standing will be named the first HOH of the season. This will not be an easy ride as obstacles will come across the celebrities.

Chris Kattan falls first after only one minute and 26 seconds. Cynthia is not far behind. Shanna and Lamar drop next. Golden caviar is dropped onto the remaining houseguests which makes it much more difficult for them to hold on for dear life.

Chris Kirkpatrick dropped next as crackers fell all over the wet, caviar dripped celebs. After almost ten minutes, Carson fell off his swing. Surprisingly Mirai was next to go. Todrick made a deal with Miesha to not be put up for eviction. Teddi Mellencamp tried to make a deal with Miesha, who looked rock solid, and she would not promise the same to her as she did Todrick.

Teddi decided to take her chances and fell. This left Miesha as the first HOH for Celebrity Big Brother 3.

New Game-Changing Power Up For Grabs

After Miesha was crowned HOH, Julie announced that there was another power up for grabs this week in the Big Brother house. Julie was not able to say what the power was, but she did divulge that it was inside the Gala Gift box. That gift will be a blessing to one and a curse to another, according to Julie. More information to follow.

Todd, who sat out of the competition as the emcee, is determined to receive the blessing in that Gala Gift box.

Join us again tomorrow night for the opening of the Gala Gift box when the secret power will be revealed. Also, the first two houseguests will be nominated to the block for eviction later this week.

Julie Chen standing next to large Big Brother sign with palm trees in the background.

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