Celebrity Big Brother Recap: (2/16/18) Can Shannon Dodge Another Eviction?

Thanks to an emotional plea for eviction by Keshia Knight Pulliam just a few days ago, Shannon Elizabeth was able to dodge a backdoor eviction plan aimed directly at her?  Last evening, Shannon was on the block for eviction sitting next to Mark McGrath.  With one of those two Celebrity Big Brother houseguests considered to be huge threat in the game, was Shannon able to convince the house to save her from eviction, did Shannon win the Power of Veto (POV) to save herself, or did the Big Brother superfan finally get voted out by her fellow celebrity houseguests?

Head of Household (HOH), Ariadna Gutiérrez, nominated Shannon and James to the block for eviction, but she made it clear to her alliance that Shannon was her main target.  Shannon could immediately sense she was the target, and the Big Brother meltdown began.  Unlike the character Shannon has shown this far in the game, she had a complete emotional breakdown about being the Big Brother target.  She basically gave up on her game.

Before the POV competition, Omarosa decided to stir things up a bit in the Big Brother house by adding some high school drama into the mix.  She casually went to James Maslow and directly implied that Shannon was no longer the target for eviction and that their sites were set on evicting James instead.  Like high school gossip, James went to Marissa Jaret Winokur and Ross Mathews to address his concerns.  Then Ross went to Ari with the info who went to Brandi Glanville.  Round and round we go.

The group was taken back by the “story” from Omarosa to James and decided to directly confront Omarosa.  Of course Omarosa denied the accusations vehemently.  When that didn’t satisfy the group, they pulled James into the mix so that they could get to the bottom of the  Big Brother story.  James and Omarosa had different versions of the story.  JAmes became so frustrated with the situation, he left the room and told them to settle it themselves.  He has already given them his side of the story which he claimed was the truth.  If Omarosa was looking to cause some chaos in the Celebrity Big Brother house, her mission was accomplished.  All the while, Shannon was eavesdropping on the circus sideshow.

The house majority alliance of Ross, Ari, Marissa, and Brandi met with James before the POV competition and made a Big Brother deal.  With concerns of Shannon winning the POV, they told James they would guarantee his safety this eviction under one condition…they wanted his promise work with them as a final 5 group.  Once they reach the point where only the 5 are left in the game, they can fight it out between them.  James quickly made that deal.

The POV competition, Dining in the Dark, consisted of the houseguests moving through a restaurant, enjoying a 4-course meal in complete darkness.  The houseguests must navigate through each section of the restaurant for each course and turn on their light at the completion of the dessert course in the fastest time to win the POV.  Each houseguest took their turn enjoying their meal at Chez Noir in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

When all was said and done, the Big Brother houseguests finished their meals in the following times:

  • Brandi  21:29
  • Omarosa  19:29
  • Ari  12:02
  • Ross  9:46
  • Shannon  8:41
  • James  6:24

James won the golden POV by a hefty margin over the other houseguests with Shannon being the closest to James’ time.  With no surprise, James used the POV on himself and was removed from the block.  Ari replaced James’ spot for eviction with Mark, but his nomination was merely just a Big Brother pawn.

The live eviction began, and all of the Celebrity Big Brother houseguests voted to evict Shannon with the exception of Brandi.  Why Brandi voted to evict Mark is a mystery as of now, but this will certainly come up inside the Big Brother house soon.  The final vote tally was 5 to 1 in favor of Shannon‘s eviction.

During her exit interview with Julie Chen, Shannon felt the most betrayed by Brandi & Ari closely followed by Ross & Marissa.  She shared with Julie that she was the most surprised with the boredom inside the Big Brother house.  She also noted that during the last few days inside the house, most of her fellow housegeusts would stop talking when she entered the room solidifying her feelings that she would be the next eviction.

The episode ended with the beginning of the next HOH competition called Courtside Seats.  This is an endurance comp where the Big Brother houseguests must hang onto a wall while it moves in attempts to make them fall.  In this case, they are seated in a chair with little to hold onto.  Who will be the next Celebrity Big Brother HOH?  We will find out soon.

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