Big Brother: Over the Top Weekly Q & A with Julie Chen 10/27/2016

Earlier today, Julie Chen interviewed the remaining nine houseguests (HG) in the Big Brother: Over the Top house.  As always, Julie asked the HGs the tough questions as to get a better feel of the current mood within the house after the surprising eviction last night.

Big Brother:Over the Top Cast with Julie Chen (Photo courtesy of CBS)
Big Brother:Over the Top Cast with Julie Chen (Photo courtesy of CBS)

After the house split the votes, 3-3 between Scott and Neeley, America’s Eviction Vote was the deciding factor for this week’s eviction once again.  America voted for Neeley, and she was the fourth HG evicted this season.  America’s vote for her as the eviction vote should not come as a surprise as she was also this week’s nominee vote by the fans.

Julie began her questions with Danielle, the new Head of Household, and she asked Danielle how things were between her and Scott after Danielle went after him pretty hard last night after the HOH ceremony.  Danielle revealed that she has no respect for Scott and didn’t anticipate being friends with him outside of the Big Brother house.  Danielle did admit that she and Scott were respecting each other’s space as of now.

Scott was asked if he regretted anything he said to Danielle now that she is the HOH this week. Scott said that in this game, you can never have any regrets, and he will keep fighting.

Julie asked Whitney why she was so emotional last night after barely losing the HOH competition.  Whitney broke down again while answering Julie to admit that she missed her family from back home. She said she felt like she let herself down by coming so close to winning and not seeing it through to the end. She said it’s not about the power of the HOH, but it’s all about wanting to have the connection with her loved one’s.

Alex was asked what she missed the most from a news standpoint being that they are coming to the half-way point of the game. Alex confessed that she missed pop culture news like what is going on with the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie break-up.  She also was curious about the presidential election.

The best question of the night went to Justin.  Julie asked him how much he really loved pizza after he was caught doing a pizza song and dance in the kitchen while waiting for his pizza to finish baking during a midnight snack attack. Jason confessed that he eats pizza almost everyday, pizza is his comfort food, and he loves it more than some of the woman he deals with back home. CBS was kind enough to share his pizza gig in the kitchen and included a remix to accompany his song.  Please take the time to watch this as it is one of the best moments of the Big Brother season thus far.


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