Big Brother Spoilers: America’s Care Package Winner! 10/28/2016

Kryssie Ridolfi won the first Big Brother Over the Top care package. Scott Dennis and Alex Willett won the second and third BBOTT care packages. This fourth one will go to either Jason Roy or Shelby Stockton on Big Brother Over the Top.

Big Brother Over the Top

Polls have indicated that Shelby will most likely win this care package. However, we have seen polling being proven wrong once the actual reveal happens. This week’s care package eliminates three votes (like the Big Brother 17 Last Laugh power) from this Big Brother Over the Top eviction. This basically seals someone’s game fate. This will prove to be the most powerful care package yet.

The Late Night Jamboree needs the package to keep their remaining four members safe. The Ball Smashers need it to keep the numbers on their side.

Once again, the fans hold all the power during this Big Brother Over the Top week. The only wrench that might sour some plans is if the Veto saves America’s nominee, and Shelby may have to decide which friend she’s willing to lose. For Jason, the only thing that could sour this week is if America’s nominee stays on the block, and somehow another Late Night Jamboree member goes on the block too.


So who won this Big Brother Over the Top care package? Shelby Stockton won this care package! She will use it to eliminate three votes in this upcoming eviction.

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