Big Brother:Over the Top Friday Diary Room Recap 10/28/2016

The nine remaining Houseguests (HG) graced us with their presence again in the Diary Room (DR) of the Big Brother: Over the Top house to give us their private and personal thoughts of the game as it stands right now.  This is the best chance the HGs have to impress the fans with a one-on-one setting, so to speak.

Big Brother:Over the Top Cast (Photo Courtesy of CBS)
Big Brother:Over the Top Cast (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

The fans certainly should be wooed by the HGs as the fans are the ones that are voting for the HGs they eat, where they sleep, the temperature of their showers, the possibility of receiving a potential advantage in the game, a nomination to the block for eviction, and whether they receive an additional vote for eviction.  Needless to say, the fans should be impressed, at any given opportunity, by all the HGs and awed in any way possible as we have more power than ever before in the Big Brother house.

Here’s a quick rundown of each HG with the highlights of their interview in the DR.


Jason is really starting to grasp the unique concepts and strategic plans necessary to win Big Brother:Over the Top.  Jason shared with us that he is working on building up his secondary or “side” relationships as these could be crucial when his game is in the danger zone.  Scott and Alex are his most important sidekicks.


The most important item Morgan had to share with us was that she intended to use her witch costume for Halloween to scare Justin…sad but true.  Morgan did also say that her biggest struggle is going to be keeping the Ball Smashers together, and she shared how it was also going to be very difficult to keep her sister Alex in the game.


Scott is absolutely obsessed with Alex, and he is a bit delusional, in fact, when it comes to the subject of Alex.  During his DR interview, Scott referred to his relationship with Alex as them being a “power couple”.  I’m not so certain Alex or America would categorize them as such, but to each his own.  Scott is welcome to live in his own little fantasy world if he would like.

He did admit that he wasn’t sure that America was going to vote to keep him, and he expressed thankfulness for doing so.

Scott also thinks that he and Alex are set up basically with two different Final 2 scenarios, one with Morgan and the other with Shelby



Kryssie was kind enough to share with us that her poorly injured hands from the last Power of Veto competition were finally healing nicely.

Kryssie and Danielle both discussed if they were to get Morgan evicted this week, their alliance will have a much better chance of winning America’s Care Package next week.


He did not share much vital information as it pertains to the game of Big Brother.  He does think that Neeley was evicted by America because of of her witch hat.  He did confide that he is trying to play both sides of the house right now, and he is doing what he does best…just being who he is.


She shared that she is very happy that Shelby won the America’s Care Package.  She also made it clear that she needs America to come through for them again and nominate a HG from the other side of the house.  Without America’s help, they are nothing apparently.


First off, not once did Alex mention Scott as the second half of her “power couple”.  I just wanted to make sure we were clear about that.  Alex thinks her biggest obstacle right now is trying to make people forget they view her as a huge threat or huge target.  She also thinks it would behoove her to keep other big threats around such as Jason or Justin because it will take some of the weight off of her.  Her gut is telling her that Danielle will target her this week for eviction.


She talked about secretly working with Danielle to benefit her game.  Shelby thinks that they could work their own sides of  the house to keep each other save.  She is also mentioned that she is ready for a Ball Smasher or Scott to leave this week.


Danielle talked about the other side of the house being very loyal to one another, and one of her biggest obstacles is convincing the other side to work together.

That’s it folks.  Check back next Tuesday for more Diary Room action.

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