Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 4 Eviction Nominations

Ready to find out the Big Brother spoilers for who went up on the block in week 4? We honestly cannot believe Shelli and her eviction nominations this week! Seriously, the other side of the house needs to get in gear and get these people out of power pronto.

Big Brother 17 Nominations Time (CBS)

WARNING: If you have not seen the Sunday night CBS Big Brother 17 show yet, and don’t want to know what happened — run away now! This post contains Big Brother spoilers from the Eviction Nominations and Battle of the Block. So please run away now if you don’t want them!

We aren’t quite sure exactly who will end up as Shelli’s end game target this week. She has been talking plenty of smack about Audrey and possibly backdooring her if given the chance. However, Shelli has been avoiding biting that bullet for a while now and she still may not want Audrey’s blood on her hands (metaphorically speaking, of course).

Regardless, she was not going to put Audrey up on the block as an initial eviction nomination. Instead, she chose to put up Jason, and — unbelievably — poor Johnny Mac yet again. He’s become the pawn boy of the season and we really hate that for him. He’s already won two Power of Veto Competitions to make sure he doesn’t end up a sacrificed pawn. Winning three in a row would just be asking for a miracle.

As for Jul/Liz, she’s deeply entrenched with Austin right now and he has a lot of influence with the twins. Although, more one of them than the other really as Liz seems to be getting along better with Austin than Julia is. With Austin whispering in her ear, Liz nominated Jason and John. We’ll have to see what Julia thinks of those choices when they switch out next.

So the Eviction Nominations going into Battle of the Block are:

  • Shelli – John and Jason
  • Liz – James and Jackie

Next up, we’ll have the Big Brother spoilers from the Battle of the Block and find out which Head of Household will stay in power. Plus, we’ll learn which nominees will come off the block and be safe for the week!

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