Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 23 Highlights: Tyler Sets His Target on Rockstar

Scottie Salton made a big move on last night’s Big Brother 20 live eviction. He decided to vote against one of his closest allies, Chris “Swaggy C” Williams, while wearing a Swaggy C t-shirt. This savage Big Brother 2018 move might have had repercussions if Scottie didn’t immediately win the Head of Household title right after it.

Big Brother 20 Angie Rockstar Lantry

Scottie’s decision to flip his vote against “Christopher” set up most of the night’s Big Brother 20 action. Prior to the live eviction, Haleigh Broucher and Faysal Shafaat got into a dispute about her vote.

She wanted to vote against Swaggy C to protect her game. Fayal got upset because he thought it was disloyal. Haleigh promised Kaitlyn Herman that she would vote out Swaggy, but ultimately felt bad about voting against him.

She immediately told Angie “Rockstar” Lantry this, and then they figured out that Scottie had to be the rogue vote. Rockstar dubbed him an “evil genius.” Angie then worked on convince Faysal that Haleigh voted with their four.

Fayal was hurt, angry, and confused. He went back and forth, even asking Kaitlyn who she believed cast the vote. Eventually, Haleigh admitted to Kaitlyn, Faysal, and Tyler Crispen that she voted out Winston Hines.

Big brother 20 Faysal Shafaat and Haleigh Broucher

She told Tyler so that Scottie couldn’t throw her under the bus, and claim she betrayed her alliance. This was Scottie’s plan, because he admitted to Tyler that he voted against Swaggy and didn’t want F.O.U.T.T.E to know.

Through Bayleigh Dayton, Rockstar also learned about The Core, an alliance consisting of Tyler, Swaggy C, and Scottie. Angie (despite being told not to share) went and told this information to Kaitlyn, who then told Tyler.

This just added fuel to Tyler’s plan to target and evict Angie Rockstar this week. He devised a plan to try to blame the flipped Steve Arienta vote, from week one, on Rockstar. He even wanted Kaitlyn to lie that it wasn’t her, and to tell Scottie all the information that Rockstar told her about her suspicions about him, and flipping his vote.

Kaitlyn didn’t want to do any of it. Tyler needed her to because Scottie said his mission with this Head of Household reign was to  target those who had betrayed him with the Steve eviction.

Big Brother 20 Brett Robinson, Sam Bledsoe, Rachel Swindler broke Big Brother door

He wanted to have one-on-ones to cross reference stories. Meanwhile, Winston and Brett Robinson planned to keep up their lie about not votng against Steve. They were even going to tell Sam Bledsoe to go along with the lie. Tyler also wanted to tell his side to lie to Scottie about the vote.

After getting his Head of Household room, Scottie has his one-on-one session. Many players confirmed that Brett and Winston voted against Steve. Scottie already suspected this.

Tyler tried to convince Scottie that he needed to go after Rockstar this week, but his plan failed. Scottie said that he would not go after Rockstar, Faysal, Haleigh, or Bayleigh. His target was set on the bros, Brett and Winston.

He wanted to get multiple people to claim Angie was the swing vote. Instead of locking herself away with Swaggy’s eviction, Bayleigh became more social and strategic.

Big Brother 20 Bayleigh Dayton and JC Mounduix

She began building bonds and relationships with people outside F.O.U.T.T.E, specifically she started to work on bonding more with Angela Rummans, Kaycee Clark, Rachel Swindler, and JC Mounduix.

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