Big Brother 20 Week 2 Live Eviction Recap (07/12/18)

Either Chris “Swaggy C” Williams or Winston Hines are enjoying their last day inside the Big Brother 20 house.  After Tyler Crispen used the Power of Veto to take Scottie Salton off the block for eviction, Head of Household Kaitlyn Herman replaced him with Swaggy.  This shocked Swaggy as well as his own alliance F.O.U.T.T.E., of which Kaitlyn is a member!

Big Brother 20 Live Eviction Week 2

Swaggy received the wake up call and has been campaigning for his life to stay inside the Big Brother house.  On the other hand, Winston seems quite complacent that he is a given to stay in the game.  Did Swaggy show off his “swagginess” too early in the game?  Is it too late for him to save face and remain in the Big Brother house?

Last Minute Game Decisions

As with most evictions inside the Big Brother house, chaos on some level emerges right before the live eviction.  The Level 6 alliance is running strong with Tyler pushing hard for Swaggy’s eviction.  F.O.U.T.T.E. is struggling to remain in tact after Kaitlyn’s vote flip last week.

In addition, Kaitlyn is emotionally falling apart because she is so upset that she had to nominate one of her won allies to the block for eviction.  Swaggy’s showmance, Bayleigh Dayton, sucks it up and tells Kaitlyn she did what she had to do.  Meanwhile, Bayleigh is planning on campaigning for her man as hard as she can over the next couple of days.

Swaggy tries to tug on Kaitlyn’s heart strings by making her feel by abruptly ending his time with his new love interest, Bayleigh.  Tyler Crispen is right there in Kaitlyn’s ear making sure his target for the week, Swaggy, is sent home.  Tyler is truly running the house for the second week in a row.  That makes the chances of Swaggy staying in the Big Brother house very low.

Big Brother 20 Promo

Week 2 Live Eviction Vote

Voting time has begun.  Keep it here for all voting results inside the Big Brother house.  Refresh your web page as the votes are reported for up to the minute results.  Who will be evicted tonight? Swaggy or Winston?

Angela Rummans Votes to Evict Swaggy
Angie Rockstar Votes to Evict Winston
Bayleigh Votes to Evict Winston
Brett Robinson Votes to Evict Swaggy
Faysal Shafaat Votes to Evict Winston
Haleigh Broucher Votes to Evict Winston
JC Moundiux Votes to Evict Swaggy
Kaycee Clark Votes to Evict Swaggy
Rachel Swindler Votes to Evict Swaggy
Sam Bledsoe Votes to Evict Swaggy
Scottie Votes to Evict Swaggy
Tyler Votes to Evict Swaggy

Big Brother 20 Swaggy C Exit Interview

By a vote of 8-4, Swaggy was eliminated from the Big Brother house.  During his exit interview with Julie Chen, Swaggy said he thought Haleigh flipped on him in the end.  Julie let Swaggy know that she voted to keep Swaggy tonight.  He was obviously shocked.

Swaggy also shared that he thought Tyler was soft after he heard that Tyler was responsible for the vote flip last week of Kaitlyn and his own eviction this week.  Swaggy went on to let Tyler know not to contact him once the show is over.  On a happpier note, Swaggy and Bayleigh told each other they loved one another.  But, how long can that showmance last now that Swaggy is no longer in the Big Brother house?  Only time will tell.

Week 3 Head of Household Competition

The time has come to crown the next Head of Household for week 3 inside the Big Brother game.  Tonight’s HOH Comp is called “Product Launch”.  The houseguests must watch a video of products launched by Pineapple, Inc., and the first product is called the Cry Phone. (This is a spoof on Apple’s iPhone.)  They must then answer questions about the product as seen in the promo video.

Kaycee was the first houseguest evicted in Round One.  In Round Two, Tyler, Bayleigh, Haleigh, Winston, Brett, JC, and Angela are eliminated.  The next eliminated is Rockstar and then Faysal.  Scottie and Rachel only remain.  In a final tie breaker question, Scottie wins the Head of Household!

Big Brother 20 HOH Competition Week 3

Join us again on Sunday, July 15 at 8:00pm EST/9:00pm CST for the next Big Brother 20 episode featuring Scottie’s eviction nominations.

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