Big Brother’s Jeff and Jordan Pregnant and Married!

Huge Big Brother alumni news today about everyone’s favorite showmance-born couple, Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd! Not only have the two lovebirds finally tied the knot, but it seems like the wedding may have been moved up because Jordan Lloyd is pregnant!

Big Brother's Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd - CBS
Big Brother’s Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd – CBS

The news came as quite a surprise to many of Jeff and Jordan’s fans, since they had originally planned to get married this fall. In fact, Jordan has been posting videos about their wedding planning on YouTube for a while.

Apparently Jeff and Jordan were mightily surprised to find out they had a baby on the way, and told US Weekly it “threw us for a loop.” The due date in October for the couple’s little bundle of joy would be right around when they originally planned to get hitched. Jordan Lloyd decided that was just not going to work!

“I don’t want to be walking down the aisle nine months pregnant, and my dress won’t fit,” the newly married Mrs. Schroeder told US Weekly. “And I’m more traditional anyway, so I was like, ‘I want our baby to have our same last name on the birth certificate too.”

So she and Jeff decided to go off to the courthouse and get legally wed back on March 15. They plan on following up with a big wedding ceremony celebration for friends and family after the baby is born.

Check out some of our favorite pics of Jeff and Jordan below, including photos from their engagement on Big Brother!

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