Who Won Power of Veto On Big Brother Week 6? 08/05/17

It’s a strange Big Brother 19 week where it’s not really going to end in a predictable way. Yes, we’ve had almost an entire season of unpredictable results but only one week where it came down to a last minute Big Brother vote decision. Coincidentally, Josh Martinez was also one of the key players of that Big Brother 19 week.

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez

This week, Josh wants to shake up the game. He wants to evict Elena Davies, so there is no shady, unpredictable, playing both sides player in the Big Brother  game. He sees how she easily goes back and forth between Cody Nickson and Jessica Graff, and then to Paul Abrahamian’s side.

Josh doesn’t respect the fact that Elena plays people with ease. He even cited how she turned her back on her showmance partner Mark Jansen as proof of Elena’s ruthless game play. On the other side, Paul needs Jessica out the game. She is the biggest threat to his victory, because she has a huge comp beast weapon in the form of Cody.

Jessica also wins a lot of competition on her own as well. Couple that with, without Cody around, Jessica has an excellent social game. She has the potential to win back allies, which would be bad for Paul, because he is her number one target. The most damaging thing about Jessica that she has Paul’s entire game figured out and not afraid to expose it.

Paul and Josh’s opposing targets is a key point going into tonight’s Power of Veto competition. If Jessica wins it, then Elena’s game fate is sealed. If Elena wins it, then it’s goodbye Jessica unless a new target makes himself or herself known before Monday.

Earlier today the Power of Veto players were picked. The three nominees Jessica, Elena, and Mark along with Head of Household Josh were already going to play in the POV. The names drawn were Alex Ow and Cody. Christmas Abbott decided to enact her Ring of Replacement. She took Cody’s spot in this week’s Power of Veto.




Big Brother 19 Mark Jansen and Josh Martinez

It sounds like they played the OTEV competition. Mark Jansen won this week’s Power of Veto competition, which means things aren’t looking good for Jessica.

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