Big Brother Royalty Jeff and Jordan Engaged! [VIDEOS]

The most beloved Big Brother showmance couple in the show’s history, Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd, got engaged this weekend at the place where it all begain — the Big Brother house! The engagement is a long time coming, and Jeff had promised Jordan earlier this summer that he would propose before the end of September.

Big Brother's Jeff and Jordan engaged (CBS)
Big Brother‘s Jeff and Jordan engaged (CBS)

Jeff and Jordan revealed back in June that they had recently gone ring shopping. Jordan said in an interview for the Big Brother Live Feeds that she reminded Jeff “every day” that he better get to proposing soon. She also said that she doesn’t mind if they wait a year or two after they get engaged to get married, she just wanted the ring on her finger!

Well, now Jordan Lloyd has quite an awesome engagement ring on her finger to show off that Jeff kept his promise to propose before fall. Check out the gorgeous rock when Jeff Schroeder went to pick it up from the jewelry store.

Jeff lured Jordan to the Big Brother set on the pretense of participating in some kind of competition for the current crop of Big Brother 2014 cast members. In the backyard, instead of hosting a competition, Jeff told Jordan that they weren’t there for a competition. Then he got down on one knee in the place where they met five years ago, and asked her to marry him. Thankfully, she said yes!

The newly engaged Big Brother couple celebrated with their friends and family in the Big Brother house, with cake and goodies catered by the Big Brother 16 Houseguests. Although we think it might have been just a little weird for Jeff and Jordan to be surrounded by all those people they don’t even know during their little engagement gathering… but that’s Big Brother for you!


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