Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: The Rewind Button Is Pushed [PHOTOS]

We have Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds that the new “rewind” twist button has been pushed. Once the Houseguests had access to the former Have-Not room where the button was hidden, they just couldn’t resist. Frankly, we don’t blame them. We would have had to push the button two, even knowing it could potentially mean something bad. That’s the whole name of the game!

Big Brother new twist (CBS)
Big Brother new twist (CBS)

As soon as Big Brother 2014 host Julie Chen announced the #BBRewind button twist, we know it was inevitable that one of the cast would press the button. After all, they rarely ever can resist opening Pandora’s Box, even when they know half the time it isn’t going to turn out well for them. How could they possibly NOT push the giant gold button just staring at them from the middle of the newly renovated former Have-Not room?

So, around 10:23 PM on Thursday night, the Houseguests were gathered around the mysterious button. They were given a message greeting saying “The Choice Is Yours. It Only Takes One.” Frankie pretty much pushed everyone to go ahead and do it. They all gathered around the button and put their hands on it and pushed.

Immediately the nearby monitor screen switched to a timer countdown to next Wednesday at 5PM. The Houseguests do not know yet that next Wednesday will be an eviction show instead of it being on Thursday. Once they are told the Big Brother schedule has changed, we expect them to get a bit more worried about that timer clock counting down to eviction night.

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