Jordan Lloyd Big Brother Live Feeds ‘Winners Tell All’ Chat

For those who don’t have their Big Brother Live Feeds yet, we thought we’d bring you a short summary of what happened in Jordan Lloyd’s ‘Winners Tell All’ live chat. Jordan was interviewed by boyfriend Jeff Schroeder before answering fan questions. We have to say, Jeff and Jordan are just as crazy cute as ever, even all these years later!

Jordan Lloyd on Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)
Jordan Lloyd on Big Brother Live Feeds (CBS)

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Starting off the live chat, Jordan talked first about her life since her time on Big Brother. Jordan said that she bought her mom a house after she won Big Brother 11 as she had promised. The rest of the money she put away for a rainy day.  A very wise decision considering how many other Big Brother winners have blown all their cash far too fast.

She eventually moved in with Jeff in Los Angeles, but she just felt she wasn’t ready to settle down there. So she moved back home to attend cosmetology school. She has now graduated at last and is moving back to L. A. to be with Jeff. Now she thinks she’s ready to be back out there again in the big city.

Jordan also talked about how she was originally cast on Big Brother. She had three jobs at the time when she was scouted for the show at a bowling alley. Originally Jordan said no but eventually agreed to audition. Then she actually ditched on the audition to sleep in because she was exhausted. They called her again and she finally showed up for an interview and the rest is history.

Jeff and Jordan spent a lot of time bantering back and forth about all the little annoying habits they each have that drive the other person crazy. Then Jordan revealed that they have actually finally been ring shopping! Yes, indeed, Jordan says she hopes that Jeff will be proposing by the end of the summer. Jeff teased her about it, but you could tell Jordan is dead serious about getting that ring on her finger. She said she doesn’t care if getting married takes a few more years, but she wants to be engaged right now!

Finally it was on to the fan questions, which we’ve pasted a summary of below for you to enjoy:

Do you and Jeff ever watch the Live Feeds together?

They watched together once. She doesn’t really like to watch the Live Feeds but he watches them more. “You’re watching people eating food, drinking, talking about nothing. It’s boring,” she said. Jeff said he understands the addiction and is really into the Live Feeds now.

Does being a Big Brother winner have an impact on your relationship with Jeff, considering he is not a winner.

Jordan teased that Jeff is so bitter at not winning. But no, really, it doesn’t at all. Jeff said he had two tries to win and she did it and he didn’t. She won that round.

What time is it if it is quarter to four? (Teasing Jordan at her history of having trouble telling time.)

Jordan said she had it memorized but then she can’t figure it out and said 4:15 — which is wrong. Jeff ends up helping her out with it. Jeff said fans shouldn’t ask “hard-hitting questions” in the chat room and keep it simple! Very funny.

Would either of you come back solo to Big Brother or would you rather come back as a couple?

Jordan said she would not want to come back solo, only with Jeff. At first Jeff said he would want to come back solo, but he thinks he would be a much worse player without Jordan. So it’s both of them or nothing.

If someone asks you for an alliance as soon as you walk in, should you jump at the chance?

“I would say, I don’t know,” Jordan said. Jeff said you have to be in the actual situation to weigh your options and decide if a person is trustworthy and what vibes they are putting out.

Would you ever do Big Brother or The Amazing Race without Jeff?

Jordan said no, she would not do either show without Jeff.

You gave Jeff an ultimatum a year ago to become engaged. Will you hold him to it?

“We actually went ring shopping yesterday,” Jordan revealed. “So I think he is going to do it by this summer.” Jeff said she needs to say it again, because they need to “beat off some of the hounds” about the two of them getting hitched. Jordan said she reminds him every day. Jeff said they are getting there, saving up money, Jordan is moving back. Jordan said she just wants to be engaged, she doesn’t care if they don’t get married for a couple of years. She said Jeff has til the end of September to ask her!

What is the hardest part of being a have not?

Jordan said the cold showers are the worst. Also, the have-not room is uncomfortable and you get no sleep. The food doesn’t bother her as much.

Who do you still talk to from both of your seasons, 11 and 13?

From 11, only Jeff really. Laura and Casey randomly, and Jeff talks to Russell. Nobody in 13 either really. She doesn’t go to all that Reality Rally and gatherings stuff and she’s been busy with school. She hangs out with her friends, not reality TV people.

As a Big Brother winner with a unique perspective, what advice would you give a new Houseguest?

Anybody who walks in the house who thinks they have it all figured out and they are going to win, they are going to be the first out. If you go in there cocky, you are in trouble. Each week is always something different. If you think you are going to win, you are not.

Were you surprised that you and Rachel Reilly had each other’s backs on Big Brother 13?

Jordan said she was very surprised. She wasn’t a fan of Rachel before they met. She told Rachel this. When they met, she was like “oh gosh.” But she got to know her and now she likes Rachel. Rachel was a good person to have on her side because she is a great competitor.

Other than meeting Jeff and winning the money, is there anything else you took away from being on Big Brother that changed her?

Jordan said the show helped her grow up. She said before she was first on the show she was getting in a lot of trouble and going down a bad path. Big Brother really saved her and made her grow up big time.

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