Big Brother 22 Episode 24 Recap: Who Was Evicted Tonight?

Tonight, another Big Brother legend will be sent to the jury house. Either Christmas Abbott or Memphis Garrett will be sent packing under the Head of Household reign of Nicole Franzel. Neither houseguest was able to pull off the Power of Veto win this week to save their game and take themselves off the block. Current HOH Nicole secured the POV win by bringing home the quickest time in the BB Comics competition.

Big Brother 22 Eviction

With only five houseguests left in the Big Brother game, only Cody Calafiore and Enzo Palumbo will be casting a vote for the eviction this evening…unless there is a tie. If Cody and Enzo were to split the vote, they would force Nicole into casting the tie-breaker vote. Will, there be a tie vote, and who will be evicted from the Big Brother house tonight?

Week Ten Last Minute Wheeling & Dealing

Memphis seems to think he is safe and has no worries. He feels confident that the Wise Guys alliance he created with Enzo and Cody will be intact next week inside the Big Brother house. Memphis is working overtime to ensure Cody knows Christmas was trying to get Nicole to backdoor him this week with the veto.

What Memphis doesn’t know is that Nicole told Cody that Memphis was also in on trying to get him backdoored this week. Cody said he can’t trust Memphis at all.

Meanwhile, Christmas thinks she is safe because Nicole has told her that Memphis is absolutely her target this week. Nicole has told Christmas to “trust me on this”. Nicole seems to have her eye set on Memphis this week to head to jury, and boy will he be shocked.

Enzo and Memphis had a conversation about who they should sit next to at the final two. Both agreed it would be crazy to take Nicole to the final two as a previous Big Brother winner. They feel that would give her an edge with jury votes.

Now, Enzo and Cody are considering splitting the vote this week to put more blood on Nicole’s hands. If they split the vote between Memphis and Christmas, then Nicole would have to cast the tie-breaker vote. She would certainly vote for Memphis, but it would put more blood on her hands as that would be the deciding vote.

Week Ten Live Eviction Vote

Cody Voted to Evict Memphis
Enzo Voted to Evict Memphis

Big Brother 22 Memphis Garrett

By a unanimous vote of 2-0, Memphis was evicted from the Big Brother house. During his exit interview with host Julie Chen Moonves, Memphis said he was definitely blind-sided tonight with the vote. He felt that with three different HOH wins, he was conceived as more of a threat to the remaining players. He would have taken Cody and Enzo to the final three.

Week Eleven Head of Household Competition

Keyser Ridha is back in the Big Brother house as host of the next HOH competition. This will be played later this evening and can be watched on the Live Feeds.

The next competition is called Knight Moves. According to Big Brother Wiki, the game is played on a life-size chess board where all players pick their starting tile and turn it over. They are then allowed to move one tile in any direction and turn over that tile. Once a tile is turned over, players are not allowed to touch that tile again. Houseguests take turns moving one tile at a time until players can no longer move in any direction. Once this happens, they are eliminated from the competition. The last houseguest standing wins HOH.

Join us again on Sunday, October 18th at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST for the HOH competition and block nominations.


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