Big Brother 16 Cast: There Will Be Veterans – Report

The Big Brother 2014 spoilers rumors are flying so hot and heavy out there right now, we just don’t know what to believe. Even our usually reliable Big Brother spoilers sources are contradicting themselves left and right with each new rumor coming out. However, it is looking more and more like there will be at least one, if not more, veterans somehow involved with the Big Brother 16 cast.

Big Brother 16 host Julie Chen (CBS)
Big Brother 16 host Julie Chen (CBS)

From all the rumors we’ve seen out there from sources that almost always give us solid dish each season, we can’t help but believe there will be some kind of veteran Houseguest involvement in Big Brother 2014. At least for the crazy, epic, two-night move-in premiere special. There are too many shady things going on with some of the past Houseguests that make us think something is indeed going on.

For instance, former Big Brother winner Ian Terry recently tweeted he was traveling to Houston, but posted a fake image with the tweet that was quickly found out. The tweet and image were then deleted. Former fan favorite Janelle Pierzina, who is pregnant and definitely NOT returning, teased that she “heard Eric Stein [BB8] is coming back.”

Various other former Houseguests, like GinaMarie Zimmerman and Matt Hoffman, have been posting mysterious tweets and teases as well, although we’d say it is very likely pretty much all of them are just messing with our heads. Anyone who actually IS involved in the Big Brother 16 cast would be forbidden to say anything at all about it under threat of legal action and worse — never getting to be a reality TV star on CBS again. Because, you know, they do so love to recycle their contestants.

So what is the real deal with veterans allegedly coming back for the Big Brother 2014 cast? Well, we turn to one of our usually reliable Big Brother spoilers sources, Missyae @TheGameSurvivor with the bare bones of what is most likely going on.

Missyae posted on Twitter that “there are some vets who are sequestered right now” and that it “appears fans will vote on who goes into the house.” She also notes that fans should not look for Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, Frank Eudy, or Rachel Reilly to be among those vets.

We’ve counted on @TheGameSurvivor to have accurate Big Brother spoilers in the past, but she hasn’t always been right. So take this with a big serving of salt of course. However, we are feeling that CBS is going to bring in some veterans for the premiere at least, although they might not stick around as real contestants for season 16.

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