Big Brother 13 Episode 27: Week 9 Eviction and HoH Results

WARNING: This post on may contains potential SPOILERS you may not want to read! Please beware!

Tonight on Big Brother 13 on CBS, we finally learned the truth behind all those rumors about who was evicted and who ended up as the next Head of Household. Thank goodness! We’ve been going a little bit crazy with the Big Brother live feeds blackout going on. We can’t wait for the feeds to get turned back on so we can watch all the post-episode madness in the house.

Meanwhile, however, we have tonight’s episode to process and the truth to seperate from the fictions that were rolling around on the Net last night and earlier today. Just in case you don’t want to know the results of tonight’s episode yet, we’re going to hide the results behind a SPOILER alert so we don’t mess up anyone’s fun. But if you’re ready to hear what happened, just click underneath the pic to find out!

[spoiler name=”Big Brother 13 Eviction and Head of Household Results”]

In our last CBS episode of Big Brother 13, we were left with Porsche and Kalia on the block for eviction. Whether or not they would both stay on the block was all up to who would win the Power of Veto Competition.

As we posted earlier, the Power of Veto Competition went to — of all people — Adam, who actually managed to win something for a change. Perhaps wisely knowing what the future might hold for him, Adam does not use the Power of Veto to take either Porsche or Kalia off the block.

Now Adam already said he would be voting Kalia out. Jordan talked to Rachel and told her she would give Kalia a sympathy vote, leaving Rachel to use the tie-breaker vote to evict Kalia. And that is exactly how it goes down. Kalia is out and now headed to the Jury House.

CBS opens the voting for America’s Favorite, which you can now do on You can vote for any contestant (except Evel Dick because he quit) to win $25,000. Voting will be open until next Tuesday night.

Up next we have the new Head of Household Competition. Monday night and early Tuesday morning the houseguests were tortured with wacky future predictions from the Fortune Teller in the purple lounge. Remembering these fortunes correctly was the key needed to win the H0H.

Once again, Adam manages to somehow pull down the win, beating out Jordan in the HoH competition by just one point. Porsche came in dead last, which might have been partially due to Adam trying to get her to remember the wrong information about the fortunes they were told.

Tomorrow will be another eviction, the Veto Competition results and the first part of the final Head of Household Competition. Hurrah!

Now that the episode is over, we hope the Big Brother live feeds will be returning as soon as the west coast is done watching. It’s now down to the final four — Adam, Porsche, Jordan and Rachel — and it’s going to get crazy up in the house now. No one can trust anyone. This is when the real fun begins. We can’t wait!


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