!SPOILER ALERT! – Big Brother 13 Live Eviction Prediction

Last night on Big Brother 13 on CBS we had our first eviction of the week when newbie player Kalia was sent off to the jury house by a vote of two to one. Tonight we will see another live eviction in the Big Brother 13 house, leaving us with the final three to battle it out for the c0veted grand prize of $500,000. Unfortunately for one of the players up on the block tonight, it looks like the vote has already been decided. Since the outcome seems so sure, we’re going to hide our eviction prediction behind a SPOILER alert just in case you don’t want to hear it. If you do, just click underneath the pic below for the scoop on who is going to be doing their exit interview tonight

[spoiler name=”Big Brother 13 Live Eviction Prediction”]

How did we end up with the person we’re predicting being the one to go home this week? Well, it all started with the Head of Household competition, which Adam amazingly won hands down. Adam, as the new HoH, then nominated Porsche and Jordan for eviction.

Next up we had the Power of Veto Competition, which was extremely important for Jordan to win. Unfortunately for her, she lost out and Porsche won the coveted POV. Porsche, of course, has to take herself off the block, which leaves veterans Rachel and Jordan together again — this time in a bad way.

Now it comes down to who Porsche is going to vote to send home. Despite Rachel and Porsche having a falling out since they were previously BFFs in the house, it looks like Porsche thinks Jordan is the greater evil. Last night just after 9:50PM, Porsche whispers to Adam that she is going to evict Jordan because she “just won two years ago.” Adam agrees, saying it is time to “give someone new a chance.”

This morning, Rachel basically confirmed the vote decision by asking Jordan if she can have something of hers if she is evicted. Jordan says she knows she is going to be evicted because Porsche told her she would be.

Of course, both Adam and Porsche could kind of be idiots here because the next Head of Household Competition could give endurance mistress Rachel a hell of a leg up in the first round. (We are assuming it will be an endurance round.) Plus, put up against Rachel or a previous $500,000 winner, which one would Porsche or Adam stand a better chance again? Food for thought.

Despite managing to make it so close to winning Big Brother for the second time, it looks like veteran player Jordan will be the one getting thrown out on her cute little butt tonight. Poor Jordan, hopefully she still has some of those previous winnings left to fall back on.


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