Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 12 Thursday Live Feeds Report

First up in our report from Thursday, we have the Big Brother spoilers on who won part one of the final Head of Household Competition! The HouseGuest who took home the win late last night will get to skip the second round of the challenge and move right on to the final phase. No one wanted to be the loser on the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds last night but it was obvious nearly from the start who was going to win and who was going to fail — badly.

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After the HoH Competition, the HouseGuests started campaigning hard to convince each other why the other hamsters absolutely wanted to take THEM to the final two — not that other guy! With only three Big Brother 15 cast members still in the house though, there is only so much game talk that can go around. Plus, it was a long, long day for the final three, so we forgive them if the rest of the evening was a bit boring.

Get caught up on all the Big Brother 15 spoilers from inside the house in our latest Live Feeds report below!

10:00 AM BBT: The final four HouseGuests — Andy, McCrae, GinaMarie and Spencer — are roused out of bed. Nothing much goes on for a while other than them getting ready for a grueling day ahead.

9-13-2013 10-53-21 AM11:30 AM BBT: The players are locked down in the Head of Household room while production readies everything for the live show.

12:20 PM BBT: Andy tells GinaMarie and Spencer he is going to call a meeting shortly to tell McCrae he is going to be evicted and why. Nick tells Andy she can’t wait to see Nick again and talk to him, find out if he was really a pro skater and stuff. McCrae is packing in the other room. He knows he is going, just not about the alliance booting him out yet.

1:00 PM BBT: Andy, Spencer and GinaMarie finally sit down with McCrae and tell him about The Exterminators alliance and that they will be evicting him. Andy confesses to voting against Amanda and framing Elissa for it. McCrae says he knew that part. He says he wish he had put up Andy instead of Elissa. They pretty much spill all. This will be pushed as a ‘move of respect’ for McCrae but really, they all just want to make themselves look as good as possible in hopes of getting his Jury vote later. McCrae is seriously pissed off, mostly at himself. McCrae says he wants to go yell in the Diary Room and Amanda is going to be so pissed off.

1:30 PM BBT: McCrae is very upset and now wishes he had kept Elissa and Judd in the game. (Although, well, Judd was part of The Exterminators too dude.) He is feeling like he totally screwed up and he’s an idiot for letting this alliance form behind his back and get him and Amanda evicted.

9-13-2013 10-58-20 AM1:40 PM BBT: GinaMarie says that McCrae’s game was all messed up and went bad because of his showmance with Amanda.

2:30 PM BBT: McCrae is called to the Diary Room, no doubt for a reaction to what he was just told. The Exterminators talk about the upcoming HoH Competition. Spencer talks about how he hopes Marilyn’s parents have been watching and like him now. (Gag! Marilyn is supposedly his girlfriend or something but possibly his ex and maybe they are together, or not. Regardless, her parents hate him. It’s a load of crap and we’re sick of it.)

2:40 PM BBT: McCrae emerges from the Diary Room and he is still really down. Andy goes to Diary Room next. Spencer tells McCrae he thinks the world of him but McCrae really doesn’t want to talk. Spencer is called to the Diary Room next. Andy tells McCrae he hopes he won’t take any of this personally. McCrae says he can’t forget about being stabbed in the back but he doesn’t think he will be a bitter Jury voter. Andy compares himself to Dan. (Really Andy?)

9-13-2013 10-58-52 AM2:55 PM BBT: McCrae is still pretty upset and he’s going to go to Jury house with a lot of regrets — and we’re guessing — a lot of bitterness toward Andy no matter what he says. It’s very possible Andy may not have McCrae, Helen or Amanda’s votes in Jury because of his backstabbing and betrayels and that could be very bad for him.

3:25 PM BBT: The Live Feeds go to trivia for the eviction show.

9:05 PM BBT: After waiting bloody forever, we finally get to watch the first round of the final Head of Household Competition on the Live Feeds. We’ve missed the very first part but it doesn’t look like it was going on for long. We were hoping for an awesomely long, torturous challenge but we can tell quickly this will be over soon.

The HouseGuests are being forced to skate around a disco roller rink holding on to a dangling bar above their heads. They also have to hop over/avoid three rows of cones as they go around without knocking over the cones or falling down. When we first see them, Spencer is already barely on his feet and panting like an exhausted dog. Andy is not doing a whole lot better. Only GinaMarie seems to be fairly okay.

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9:12 PM BBT: Spencer takes a hard fall and is out of the competition. He will now have to compete against the other loser of round 1 in the second round of the final HoH.

9:20 PM BBT: Production sprays fog and water all over the HouseGuests and the roller rink. We think this is actually looking pretty damn dangerous as they barely manage to keep their feet. We are glad they are wearing helmets. Andy is actually so off balance he ends up swinging backwards over the cones by pure arm strength a couple of times.

9:22 PM BBT: Andy wrenches his knee trying not to fall and screams “f**k” and “OMG” but keeps going. And then huge loads of foamy bubbles start pouring out onto the roller rink floor — up to knee height on half the ring.

9:23 PM BBT: It’s over for Andy. He slips and takes a huge fall and lands hard. He ends up laying on his back panting but says he is okay when Spencer and GinaMarie ask him if he needs help. He is obviously in pain though.

GinaMarie seems in shock for a few moments and then she starts screaming when an insane amount of glitter starts pouring out of the ceiling. We’re guessing maybe they were saving that to dole out in smaller amounts later as the competition progressed — but it was all over so quickly they just decided to drop it all in one huge glitter bomb.

Continuing to scream and squeal about the glitter, GinaMarie drops to the ground and starts making a glitter angel. Then she chokes on the glitter when she gets it all in her mouth and gets up. Only to drop to the floor in the middle of the foam and start making a foam angel — while wondering if all the foam she is getting in her mouth now is toxic. She wraps up her madness by writing her initials in the glitter.

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10:00 PM BT: The HouseGuests clean themselves up — GinaMarie was covered head to toe in glitter and mess, the others weren’t much better. Spencer came out the cleanest because he lasted less than 10 minutes in the comp apparently.

10:30 PM BBT: Spencer campaigns GinaMarie, telling her that Andy has all the Jury votes and so it really is a better move to take him to the final two if she wins the last round of the HoH Competition and gets to pick between them. GinaMarie needs a bra because wow are her nips popping out. Spencer talks about how Amanda was always saying McCrae had a huge d**k and how if he had a huge d**k he’d stick it in anything he could stab with it. (So, Spencer, you are telling us you are not so well endowed, huh?) GM gets called to Diary Room — but says she has to put on a bra first, LOL.

10:40 PM BBT: Spencer and Andy talk game. Spencer says Andy deserves to win (suck up) because he has been amazing. Andy says Spencer has also played a great game (suck up) and shouldn’t discredit that. And then we have some more smack talk about Amanda, a common theme. Spencer says she totally ruined McCrae’s game and he hates her.

11:00 PM BBT: Andy is worried about the second round of the HoH Competition despite going up against probably the worst competitor in the whole season, Spencer. Andy is afraid that neither GinaMarie or Spencer would take him to the final two if they end up as the overall HoH winner. (If they are smart, neither of them would.)

11:10 PM BBT: Andy is concerned that the viewers are seeing him as a nasty backstabbing biatch and that’s how he is being edited for the show. (No Andy, that’s just how you really are — but we respect the game play, even if we don’t like the player.)

11:30 PM BBT: Andy tells GM he thinks he is playing for second place at this point. GM says she feels the same way. Andy talks about how he has pissed off so many people in Jury. (Obviously working GM to make sure he gets in that final two.) Andy says Spencer has a really good case to win because he was on the block so many times but never got evicted. GM agrees with him. They talk about the rest of the HoH Comp a bit and then talk more smack about Amanda and McCrae. GM calls Amanda a wh*re. Andy talks about how Amanda had a boyfriend when she came in the house and then f**ked McCrae the first week. GM talks about how she’s going to rip Nick’s a** up.

12:00 AM BBT: Production announces over the loudspeaker that the HouseGuests are “one day closer to winning $500,000.” (We’d really like to win a half million dollars for laying around and being a pawn all season like Spencer has. Please cast us now!) Spencer jokes that the finale will be so busy, host Julie Chen can’t show up drunk for that show like she did for the eviction. Andy jokes that she was drunk off her a** and called The Exterminators by the wrong name, The Moving Company, first. Spencer and Andy laugh. Spencer says if Julie wasn’t banging the president of the network, she’d have been fired. Far too late, the Feeds cut out. When they come back, they are not talking about Julie anymore.

12:45 AM BBT: The HouseGuests pretty much go into random talk mode at the Memory Wall, smack talking other hamsters, doing impersonations, etc. Spencer has Andy and GM laughing at his impersonations of Candice. They move on to playing Marry, F**k, Kill with the Memory Wall photos and then eventually head off to bed.

* The next part of the HoH Competition will probably take place on Saturday and should be a physical/skill challenge. We will update you with the Big Brother spoilers on who won as soon as we have those. The last part of the HoH Competition will take place live on the finale episode next Wednesday. Then the Jury will cast their votes to determine the Big Brother 15 winner.

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