Big Brother 15: Julie Chen Says Aaryn Gries “Shook” By Racist Accusations

Big Brother 15 host Julie Chen says evicted HouseGuest Aaryn Gries was “shook” by the racism accusations brought up during her exit interview. After Aaryn was voted out of the Big Brother 2013 house, Julie confronted the young, blonde, blue-eyed Texas girl about derogatory remarks she had made about other BB15 players, including Candice Stewart, Andy Herren, and Helen Kim.

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“I know that after she got walked off our live stage and you get debriefed by the producers, they told me, they said she was shook, Julie said in an interview with The Huffington Post. “She was very quiet. I’m happy to hear that because that tells me she’s replaying and rethinking her actions and her words.”

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The Big Brother 15 host said she was glad Aaryn apologized if she offended anyone but was not pleased when Aaryn added the “But, I’m from Texas and that’s how we talk in Texas” excuse. “What was going through my mind [was] … no, that’s not how everyone in Texas Speaks.” Fans both in and out of Texas were similarly outraged by Aaryn laying any of the blame on her derogatory comments on growing up in the state.

Aaryn Gries was let go by her modeling agency in Texas and fired as a spokesmodel for Belle Petite Magazine over her derogatory racist and homophobic comments on the Big Brother Live Feeds. Her name has been splashed across International headlines as the poster child for racism on the show this season, even though other HouseGuests have been equally as guilty of making similar remarks.

Julie Chen: Racist ‘Big Brother’ Contestant Was ‘Shook’ After Interview

Aaryn’s family was forced to hire a professional public relations firm to handle all the negative fallout, including death threats against the Big Brother 15 HouseGuest. Aaryn’s hopeful future career as a model or actress may have been permanently crushed by the weight of her own words. As for a return for a future Big Brother All Stars? Well, maybe if it is a Heroes v. Villains season…

Julie Chen, of course, couldn’t tell any of this to Aaryn during her exit interview because it wasn’t “the time or place.” The Big Brother 15 host hopes that when Aaryn gets out of the Jury House and watches herself on the Live Feeds she will gain a fresh perspective. “You can’t tell me if you’re a normal human being watching those tapes you’d say, ‘I see nothing wrong with what I said or did.”

Aaryn, Julie said, “has a lot of learning to do, and a lot of growing up to do.” Well said Julie, well said.


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