Who Was Evicted From Big Brother 15 Tonight? 9/12/2013

Big Brother 15 Week 11 Wednesday Live Feeds  (7)Anxiously waiting to find out who got evicted on Big Brother 15 tonight and which HouseGuests made the final three? Well, you’re in luck! We have the Big Brother spoilers for you on who was evicted and which players will be competing in the final Head of Household Competition for a chance to make the final two!

For those who have been watching along on the Big Brother Live Feeds, tonight’s live eviction was rather anticlimactic. Ever since we found out who was nominated for eviction by new Head of Household Andy Herren, the person who was evicted on Big Brother tonight was pretty much a foregone conclusion unless they won the Power of Veto. And, well, they managed to fail at doing that task.

Still, there is always room for surprises and we were kind of hoping that the only person with a vote tonight would make a sudden move to do something totally fun and shock the heck out of us. Unfortunately the lone voter tonight made exactly the choice we expected them to and it was a predictable moment when the person who was evicted on Big Brother 15 tonight walked out the door.

Can’t stand to wait another moment to find out who it was who went home on Big Brother this week? (Or, well, to their new home in Jury House anyway?) Just keep on scrolling past our SPOILER ALERT! banner below to find out!

After the CBS show on Wednesday night, we stayed up very, very late to find out who Andy nominated for evictions. It took FOREVER. Actually, it seemed like the HouseGuests were actually coached NOT to talk about the nominations or Power of Veto Competition or something. Or they were just annoying the hell out of the people on the Live Feeds!

Big Brother 15 Week 11 Wednesday Live Feeds  (6)Finally though, we caught a glimpse of the Memory Wall and discovered that GinaMarie’s key was by her photo but Spencer and McCrae’s keys were missing. That was all the clue we needed to know that Andy had nominated McCrae and Spencer for eviction this week. We later had actual verbal confirmation of who was on the block.

It was quite some time later when we finally learned that the next Power of Veto Competition had indeed taken place and who won. Amazingly enough, it turned out that Andy managed to snag the PoV win in addition to the HoH. That left GinaMarie as the only person with a vote this week because Andy was both HoH and Veto winner. As a firm member of The Exterminators alliance with Andy and Spencer, GM followed their plan to vote out McCrae.

We don’t know that this was the best game move for GinaMarie, considering that Spencer and Andy seem determined to go to the final two together and face off for the Jury. GM might have actually stood a chance against McCrae in the finale but we don’t think she’ll beat Andy. If she makes it there with Spencer, we can only hope that the Jury House wouldn’t be so cruel as to give Spencer the floater and eternal eviction pawn the win over GM, who at least tried to play the game by doing more than stand around with her thumbs up her… well, you know.

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