Big Brother 13 Episode 28: Live Eviction and Head of Household Results

WARNING: This post on may contains potential SPOILERS you may not want to read! Please beware!

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, we’re getting down to the final three houseguests on Big Brother 13 tonight! Tonight we have a whole lot of action going on and when it is all over and done with, there will be only three BB13 contestants left racing for that final grand prize of $500,000.

First up tonight we will have Head of Household Adam’s nominations for eviction. This will be followed by a live Power of Veto Ceremony. Next up we’ll have the live eviction of another houseguest, leaving us with the final three contestants. These three will duke it out in the first round of the three-part Head of Household Competition, which we believe will be an endurance challenge. The HoH Competition is not likely to be over by the end of the episode, so be ready to pull out those Big Brother live feeds to watch and see who wins this round.

The second round of the Head of Household Competition will likely be skill-based and be between the two houseguests who didn’t win round one. The last phase of the HoH will probably happen during next Wednesday’s finale and the winners of round one and two will face off to determine the last Head of Household. Remember, there is no Sunday episode this week. Join us over on Big Brother live feeds, where we’ll be sucking the marrow out of the last week of BB13!

Alrighty then, with all that out of the way, let’s get to the results. We’ll bring them here to you live as they happen (so don’t forget to refresh the page every few minutes)!


Head of Household Adam has nominated Porsche and Jordan for eviction.


Porsche has won the Power of Veto.


Porsche has used the Power of Veto to take herself off the eviction block. Rachel has been put up by Adam as the renom.


Porsche has voted to evict Jordan from the Big Brother 13 house. Bye Jordan. You were cute. And blond. And well, nicer than Rachel. We’ll miss ya.


Move on over to our Head of Household Competition post as we fill you in on what is going on in the challenge live as it happens.

Or go jump on those Big Brother live feeds yourself and watch all the action live. Right now is an awesome time to check out that 3-day RealNetworks Superpass free trial so you can get all the spoilers from the final week live as they happen!


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