Big Brother Spoilers: Who Won Battle Back Tonight? 7/21/2017

For two weeks, Big Brother 19 fans have waited for the crowning of the Battle Back winner. Last year, Victor Arroyo won the Big Brother 18 Battle Back by beating three out of the other 4 early evictee players. He then went on to win the returning juror competition, a few more Heads of Household competitions, and change his image and win America’s Favorite Player. So the Battle Back can be a real game changer for the Big Brother 19 contestant who wins it.

Big Brother Spoilers: Battle Back Showdown Julie Chen, Big Brother 19

Most of the fan support seems to be behind a Dominique Cooper or Cody Nickson victory. Both players will, likely, go after Paul Abrahamian. Cody was starting to change his tune and expressed wanting to work with Paul, but yesterday he seemed visibly shocked by Dominique’s eviction. Cody also seemed a bit upset by it. Once Dominique and Cody talked some more, we’re sure she get him to see Paul as a snake.

Dominique could return to the Big Brother 19 game and enlighten more houseguests to Paul’s deceitful ways. Cody could just go in guns a blazing (again) and try to create more maverick moves. Fortunately for Cody, Paul’s three weeks of safety are officially over. This means that Cody could nominate him for eviction and take him out.

However, the cult of Paul is still very strong. Jillian Parker’s return to the game could give Ramses Soto and the Outsiders a new ally. They might have the numbers to take down the showmances, Paul, and Christmas Abbott. Cameron Heard is the wildcard of this Big Brother Battle Back Showdown. Who knows what the heck he’ll do back in the Big Brother 19 game.

So who won the Big Brother 19 Battle Back Showdown?



Big Brother 19 Julie chen, Paul Abrahamian, and cody nickson

Cody Nickson won the Battle Back competition. He competed in three rounds to win his place back in the house. The first round he knocked out Jillian and Dominique. The second round he had to beat Cameron. Then finally he had to Paul Abrahamian compete against and won it. Cody is back in the Big Brother 19 game.

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Join us again later today to see who won the Head of Household competition, and was nominated for eviction.

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