Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 3 Power of Veto Competition Winner!

Big-Brother-Power-of-Veto1Finding out the Big Brother spoilers for the Power of Veto Competition winner is always one of the most exciting parts of the show for us. Who wins the Big Brother Power of Veto can shake up the whole game in an instant and throw even the most well-planned schemes right out the window. Which Big Brother 15 cast member will have the chance to turn the game on its head this week? Read on to find out the spoilers on who won from the Big Brother Live Feeds!

Last week, a tentative plan headed by Helen and Elissa to get Jeremy evicted turned into dust after he managed to win the Power of Veto competition and take himself off the block. Although it seemed at first that Elissa was doomed to go home after that move, the results of the PoV ended up eventually spawning a crazy new plan to vote out the MVP renom, Nick. Amazingly enough, it actually worked and the entire balance of power shifted inside the Big Brother 15 house. So who will get the opportunity to possible spur the next big game move with the PoV this week?

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother Live Feeds spoilers about game play behind-the-scenes inside the BB15 house. This information has not yet been featured on the CBS prime time show. If you don’t want to know what happened, please click away now. But if you are ready to find out who won the Big Brother Power of Veto for week 3, just click the plus sign below our SPOILER ALERT! banner below.

[spoiler name=”Spoiler Alert: Big Brother 15, Week 3 Most Valuable Player”]

After newly renamed Most Valuable Player Elissa Slater picked Spencer as her MVP eviction nominee this week, the Power of Veto players were selected to be: Spencer, Aaryn and Kaitlin as the eviction nominees, Helen as HoH, and Candice and GinaMarie as the randomly selected players.

We don’t know yet what exactly went on during the FIVE HOURS that we were without Live Feeds today… one hell of a Veto Competition apparently but details are still sketchy. What we do know is that the winner in the end was… Kaitlin.

Yes, the Big Brother 15 HouseGuest that previously threatened on the live feeds not to use the PoV if she won it to save Jeremy now has the power. However, Kaitlin has been directly threatened that if she does not use the PoV, she will be the one targeted to go home. We really don’t think she will have the balls to defy that threat.

So, at this point, unless something radical happens between now and the Veto Ceremony, we expect that Kaitlin will take herself off the block and Helen will put up Jeremy in her place. Despite making ‘deals’ with Aaryn and Jeremy, we still think Helen will try to backdoor Jeremy… for now. Anything can change in a few hours inside the Big Brother house though…


Do you think the Power of Veto winner should use it or not? Who do you think should go up as the renom if they do?

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