Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Week 3 Power of Veto Competition Players!

Big-Brother-Power-of-Veto1We’re waiting very impatiently right now for the Big Brother spoilers on who will win the Power of Veto Competition this week. Hopefully that should take place sometime Saturday afternoon and we’ll find out who won on the 2013 Big Brother Live Feeds. Meanwhile, however, we can tell you who will be playing in the competition this time around and how that may affect the current eviction plans of the Big Brother 15 cast.

Last night, the CBS Big Brother Most Valuable Player of the week was announced and their nomination for the third person to go up for eviction was revealed. We weren’t entirely surpised by how it all went down considering what we’ve been seeing and hearing on the Big Brother Live Feeds. However, we all know that the Power of Veto Competition can throw a huge monkey wrench into even the most well-developed plans depending on who walks away with the win.

WARNING: The following Big Brother 15 spoilers information has not yet been shown on the CBS prime time show. So if you don’t want to hear it, then please flee immediately! However, if you’re ready to find out who will be playing in the Big Brother Power of Veto Competition this week, just click the plus sign below our SPOILER ALERT! banner below.

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This week, America once again chose Rachel Reilly’s sister, Elissa Slater, as the Most Valuable Player. She, in turn, picked Spencer as the third eviction nominee to go up on the block this week. Currently Elissa is in tight with Head of Household Helen and the eventual plan appears to be a backdoor move to get Jeremy evicted if they can win control of the Power of Veto as well.

The players for the Big Brother Power of Veto Competition this week will be Helen, as HoH, eviction nominees Kaitlin, Aaryn and Spencer, and randomly selected players GinaMarie and Candice. Judd will play host. If any of the eviction nominees wins PoV and takes themselves off the block, Jeremy will be almost guaranteed to go up and right now the votes look strong for him to go home.

GinaMarie could potentially be a danger to that plan if she wins and crazily decided not to use the PoV but we’re pretty certain she will save BFF Aaryn. Aaryn would save herself and Spencer would save himself. If Helen or Candice win, Jeremy will go up. Kaitlin has already been threatened that if she wins PoV and doesn’t use it on herself to try to save Jeremy, she will go home. We don’t think she’s brave enough to defy that threat.


Who do you think will win the Big Brother 15 Power of Veto Competition this week?


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