Big Brother 18 Spoilers: CBS Recruits Mysterious ‘Mock’ Cast

There is some interesting Big Brother 18 spoilers news swirling about, and it’s a big mystery we can’t wait to figure out. Apparently CBS is recruiting a mock Big Brother 18 cast to enter the house before the real Houseguests show up and do… what? We aren’t quite sure, but it it sounds very, very interesting…

Big Brother 18 flyer. Courtesy of
Big Brother 18 flyer. Courtesy of

According to our friends at, CBS has put out flyers recruiting for “Mock Houseguests” to participate in a six-day event in the newly revamped Big Brother 18 house. The recruits will be playing some kind of game for six whole days, from 7AM to 11PM each day. All of the potential mock Big Brother 18 cast members must already know and understand how the game works. (This flyer has been verified as authentic by BBN.)

Click the thumbnail pic to see the whole flyer:

This is the first time ever that CBS Big Brother has done anything like this, which leads us to think that season 18 is going to have some kind of major twist or big changes that are going to shake up the whole game.

We’ve already heard rumors that producers have decided to revamp the competitions for the show after complaints from fans that they are too familiar and repetitive, and too easy to predict who will win. Perhaps the mock Houseguests will be testing out the new comps? Or changes to competition powers like giving the Power of Veto Winner the chance to name their replacement nominee? But don’t they have CBS staffers for that? Hmmmm.

The other big speculation could be that we are indeed once again going to have a veterans vs. newbies cast of some sort, and the mock Big Brother 18 cast members are going to test it out. Either by competing for six days against the veterans to show how a new cast would manage. Or having the ‘newbies’ compete against the mock Houseguests to gear them up to go against the veterans. Could be that we might have a potential supervillians versus superfans season, or possibly a Survivor Blood vs. Water style show.

Adding fuel to the fire are the phrases “Legends vs. Fresh Meat” and “Fresh Meat vs. Legends” that seem to be going around from some of the veterans of the show, like in former cast member Jackie Ibarra‘s tweet above.

Whatever is going on, it looks like we’re going to likely have a very interesting road ahead for Big Brother 18. Be sure to stick with us for all the latest Big Brother spoilers, gossip, and news leading up to the season premiere!

Big Brother 18 premieres on June 22nd, 2016 in a two-hour event on CBS. Big Brother Live Feeds coverage inside the house kicks off at 10PM PT on June 23rd. Follow us on our Facebook and Twitter feeds for all the latest!


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