Big Brother 21 Week 8 Alliances Updates: Is Cliff the Ultimate Floater?

The powers of the Big Brother house never cease to amaze the fans, especially how deals and alliances can be flipped 180 degrees in an instant. Last week, Jackson Michie had one foot out of the door the Big Brother 21 house, as public enemy number one. This week, he is riding high after winning the Head of Household and the Power of Veto competitions.  With Big Brother power comes the ability to make deals, and Jackson has been fully taking advantage of that to make new deals that take his game and Holly Allen’s game to the end.

Big Brother 21
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Michie’s biggest deal this week has involved targeting Christie Murphy for eviction, which set in motion his ability to bring two of her recent allies over to his camp. Those being Cliff Hogg III and Nicole Anthony. Michie and Holly have gone from a two-person alliance on the brink of disaster to a house majority alliance in a matter of a couple of days. This is what keeps the fans coming back for more.

Last week Cliff was on the block next to his ally Kathryn Dunn. To make sure his game was saved, he made a deal to save himself and Nicole going forward with last week’s house majority alliance. That alliance included, HOH Tommy BraccoAnalyse Talavera, Nick Maccarone and Christie. Cliff was offered safety for the week, while on the block, as long as he promised to target Michie going forward. Cliff felt he had no choice but to make the deal to insure that he was not evicted last week.

Big Brother 21
Michie pulls Cliff over to his side to give him the votes to insure Christie’s eviction.

Fast forward to this week. Once Michie found out the terms of the deal with Cliff and Christie’s crew, he offered Cliff safety this week with one caveat: Cliff had to promise to vote whatever way Michie wanted him to. Cliff had no issue with the deal nor did Nicole, who are now both Team Michie. Cliff shared with the cameras that in life he has rules to live by, but in this house he only has two, survive and win.

With the new deal in place, the “other” side of the house will most likely watch their faithful leader (Christie) sent out the door this week to the jury house. Once Michie won the POV, Christie’s fate was sealed. She will leave behind Sis, Nick and Tommy, but some of them have deals of their own. Tommy has worked hard to not put a target on his back with Michie, and so far that has worked.

Jessica Milagros still remains a floater that seems to stir up drama when it best suits her. She and Nicole are close, and she was a member of Cliff’s Angels. By default, she seems to be on Michie’s side this week, but who knows what may happen next week to upset her.

We are getting down to the final deals inside the Big Brother 21 house with only eight houseguests remaining after the eviction this week. We have all seen this game won and lost on a deal made, so it’s still anyone’s guess on how this season will end up. Check back next week for the new alliances and deals updates.

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