Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 63: The Taco Tuesday Blowup

It started as a calm Big Brother day as the houseguests weren’t the most high energy bunch this Tuesday. For fans, much anticipation was waiting for the Taco Tuesday, not because we really enjoy watching others eat tacos. On Monday, Christie Murphy started to campaign against Nick Maccarone, and she wanted everyone to see his floater/no loyalty game ways. People saw it, but they weren’t too worried about Nick as a Big Brother player.

Throughout the day, Nick continued to get more anxious and upset about Christie’s campaign against him. He even had a conversation with Nicole Anthony about the whole Christie situation, and expressed his frustration about it all. Meanwhile, Christie continued to bash Nick to anyone who would listen, including her old nemesis Jackson Michie. He kept encouraging her to blow up Nick’s game during Taco Tuesday, but he told Holly Allen that he still wanted Christie gone this week.

Cliff Hogg III and Nicole had a game talk where they discussed their plan moving forward. They said they liked Holly and Jackson, and didn’t want to betray them, but they weren’t sure about not nominating them if they win Head of Household. Nicole suggested that she might nominate Analyse Talavera and Jackson or Holly to be fair. They also said that they would prefer if Analyse just won Head of Household and took a shot at the showmance. Tommy also spoke about planning to nominate Jackson and Holly if he won Head of Household.

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He really wanted to try to form some type of deal with Cliff. There was a lot of whispers about the mystery surrounding last night, but we didn’t get any confirmation.

Later, Christie decided to back out of the Taco Tuesday Expose Nick Party, but Nick started to become more annoyed that Christie kept campaigning against him “and being petty.” Eventually, with a little help from Jackson, Nick confronted Christie about campaigning against him. It led to Nick shouting and getting emotional, while Christie tried to call him out on throwing comps, forming multiple alliances, and targeting Jessica Milagros. Everyone stayed around to listen, finishing prepping for Taco Tuesdays and enjoying the show.

Following the fight, Nick cried and complained to Analyse, Nicole, Cliff, and Tommy about Christie being petty and trying to target him for no reason. Analyse worried that this blow up might lead to her eviction, because everyone now knew that Nick was Christie’s target. After the drama, the houseguests could finally enjoy Taco Tuesday.

The blowup seemed to help Nick’s game, as it made Nicole, Cliff, Analyse, and Tommy support him even more. It just cast a bigger spotlight on Christie, Jackson, and Holly.

Prior to the blowup, to survive boredom, Jessica started to give free massages, and Tommy and Nicole made dolls.

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