Big Brother Over the Top Week 8 Safety Ceremony Final Results (11/20/16)

Tonight, the final Big Brother Over the Top safety ceremony took place. We still have eleven days left before someone takes the Big Brother Over the Top crown and money. They will need to get to the finals solely based on BBOTT competition wins.


Despite this being the final safety ceremony, it doesn’t really matter who goes up on the block. It matters who win’s tomorrow power of veto competition. The veto holder holds all the power.

They determine who goes home by picking the players who vote, and who stays or goes up on the block. This week, Morgan Willett is ineligible for eviction because of her head of household win. Justin Duncan is also safe due to this week’s care package.

This leaves Morgan with only three nomination options: Shelby Stockton, Jason Roy, and Kryssie Ridolfi.

Of course, Morgan chose to nominate Kryssie and Jason for eviction. However, they may both end up safe after tomorrow’s power of veto ceremony. If you are a Jason fan, cross your fingers and hope for the best. If you are a Shelby fan, do the same. Either Shelby or Jason will definitely leave the Big Brother Over the Top house on Wednesday.

Now we all wait and see how it plays out on Monday.

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