Big Brother Spoilers: America’s Care Package Winner! 11/18/2016

The Big Brother Over the Top care packages have progressively became better as the season continued. It started with Kryssie Ridolfi obtaining the power to save a friend. The rest of the powers included safety, canceling votes, co-hohs, and magical vetoes that saved two people. The last Big Brother Over the Top care package would be the best of all: it guaranteed someone’s place in the semi-finals.

Big Brother Over the Top week 7 Care Package

On Wednesday, Morgan Willett guaranteed her spot in the final four by winning this week’s head of household. She then could-sort of-control who stayed in the BBOTT house. However, there were two things that could completely make Morgan’s goals invalid.

The first scenario played out yesterday. Around 1:00 PM PST, Big Brother dropped the last care package in the yard. As the only one eligible for it, Justin Duncan automatically received this week’s care package.

Big Brother then quickly set up the challenge. Justin was allowed two hours to practice for the challenge. The challenge involved Justin walking on a slingshot from one side to the other. Every practice, Justin got better and better. Finally, after two hours, Justin made his attempt.

He walked across the slingshot easily and rang the bell. Justin now advances to the final four.

BBOTT Week 7 Care Package

The second scenario that could ruin Morgan’s nominations depends on the outcome of the veto. If anyone but Morgan or Shelby Stockton win veto, then Shelby will likely go home instead of Jason Roy.

If one of the remaining Ball Smashers win the veto, then Jason will likely be eliminated.

The Jason versus Shelby war will officially come to an end this week when one of them leaves the BBOTT house on Wednesday.

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