Big Brother Over the Top: Power of Veto Comp Results (11/21/16)

Today, the most important Big Brother Over the Top power of veto competition played out. It was a battle between Shelby Stockton, Morgan Willett against Jason Roy, Justin Duncan, and Kryssie Ridolfi. Since Big Brother Over the Top began, Jason has been the frontrunner.


In the last few weeks, Shelby has really cemented herself as another frontrunner. The Big Brother Over the Top game basically comes down to a Shelby or Jason  win. The only way one of them doesn’t win the competition is if both of them get out before the final 3.


Currently, one of them is set to leave the Big Brother Over the Top house. It all depends on whose side wins the veto competition.

We had another Big Brother Over the Top individual timed challenged. Each player would have to go through a maze. In the maze they needed to find three ears of corn. The player to find all three ears of corn the fastest, won this week’s power of veto.

The order for the competition went as followed: Justin, Shelby, Morgan, Kryssie, and Jason.

The times went as followed:

Justin: 1:56

Shelby: 4:24

Morgan: 11:00

Kryssie: 2:05

Jason: 1:30

Jason won the veto. He plans to remove himself from the block. This forces Morgan to nominate Shelby. Shelby will be leaving the Big Brother Over the Top house on Wednesday night.

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