Celebrity Big Brother Finale Spoilers: And the Winner Is…

It’s been a long three weeks, as we watched the Celebrity Big Brother houseguests navigate their way to the end. In these final two hours, one player will emerge victorious. Four will come up a few places short of the Celebrity Big Brother win.

Celebrity Big Brother Finale Final 2-Marissa Jaret Winokur and Ross Mathews

Usually on finale night, we have a pretty good estimation of who will make it to the final two: There are only s few possibilities. However, there are way too many possible outcomes to know who would sit next to whom in the end. By the end of the first hour, we would know the final two.

With an unpredictable jury, we wouldn’t know the winner until the very last minute. Celebrity Big Brother was a nail bitter to the very end.



The night started with a recap of the last HOH competition, which Ross won. Then we went straight to POV, which Ross also won. This basically meant the end of Omarosa’s game. Mark and Marissa then voted her out by two to one.

It comes down to Mark, Marissa, and Ross with a tie breaker. Marissa wins it by guessing closest to the real answer. Marissa chose to evict Mark and Ari.

Marissa and Ross are the final two. They then must answer jury questions. The whole jury segment was kind of a mess.

Marissa Jaret Winokur wins Celebrity Big Brother

But it ending in a Marissa Jaret Winokur win. Then Ross Mathews won America’s Favorite Player.

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