Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Live Feed Recap – Sunday, Week 6

The ongoing drama of whether or not a Big Brother 14 cast houseguest cheated during the Power of Veto player selection continued on Sunday, but the powers-that-be kept blocking us out on the Big Brother live feeds every time it was mentioned. Meanwhile, the two eviction nominees continued to campaign hard to make sure neither of them go home during the Big Brother 14 live eviction show on Thursday.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds from Sunday, August 12. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

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* The two big topics of the day are:

A: Who will Shane Meaney put up to replace Frank Eudy on the block since Frank won Power of Veto. Can Mike Boogie convince him to target someone else?

B: Did Frank and Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin cheat in the Power of Veto Competition, thus helping Frank to win and give him the chance to avoid eviction yet again?

1:05 AM BBT

Chef Joe Arvin talks to Dan Gheesing and Shane Meaney in the Head of Household room. He tells them he totally has their back and he will be their warrior. He says he knows Ashley, Jenn, Boogie, and Frank are now working together. He says he heard Ashley tell Frank she was trying to help him. He also says Boogie told everyone they needed to convince Shane to put up Dan as the replacement nominee.

1:50 AM BBT

Britney tries to convince Frank that Shane is totally out of her control and has no idea what he is going to do. Frank tries to convince Britney that she should totally vote to keep Boogie. Britney says she was pissed that Dan was working a side deal with Boogie and Frank inside their ‘silent 6’ alliance. She says she will do whatever Shane decides, but it will not be under her control.

2:10 AM BBT

As Danielle Murphree crashes in the Head of Household bed with her butt up in the air, Shane tells the Big Brother live feed watchers they are welcome to Danielle booty, open midnight until 2AM.

9:15 AM BBT

The houseguests are stirring and Frank Eudy is talking to Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin about Britney Haynes. He tells Boogie that Britney claims Shane Meaney is doing whatever the hell he wants and she has no control over him. Boogie says they need to work to make Britney feel they are safe from them, so they can get her vote. They are hoping they can convince Shane to put up Dan Gheesling in Frank’s place during the renomination. If not Dan, then Chef Joe Arvin. Whatever works to make sure Boogie does not end up being evicted.

Boogie thinks he can get Ian, Jenn, and Ashley to vote out Chef Joe if he was put up as the replacement nominee. Boogie thinks Shane is just too easy to manipulate. Boogie says he wishes they could get Danielle, but Frank says to just f**k Danielle.

11:00 AM BBT

Ian tells Frank that Joe was throwing his name under the bus for the renom, according to Danielle. Frank says he will call the motherf**ker out if he was doing that when he was supposed to be pushing to get Shane to put up Dan. Ian backs off a bit.

11:05 PM BBT

Ian Terry talks to Boogie and tells him his best chance of making it through the eviction is to go up against Dan. He says it would be bad for Boogie to have to go up against Jenn Arroyo or Ashley Iocco because they aren’t seen as threats and the others are more likely to vote out Dan in either case.

11:30 AM BBT

Mike Boogie tells Jenn, Ashley, and Ian they need to work on Shane putting up Dan as the replacement nominee. Ashley says she would totally vote out Joe if he was put up. She says Joe is making deals with her name she has not approved. Boogie says to tell Shane they have watched Dan on his season and to push how dangerous of a player he is.

11:40 AM BBT

Boogie cautions Ian that he is too friendly with Dan, but Ian says they are only buddies, they are not working the game together. (I just want to protest right here that those who claim Ian is a floater are not seeing he is really trying hard to play this game.)

1:05 PM BBT

Boogie goes after Shaney once again to try to convince him the best bet would be to put up Dan and get him out of th ehouse. Shane appears to be giving the idea serious thought, at least, he tries to appear that way to Boogie.

1:40 PM BBT

The Veto Competition ‘cheating’ scandal pokes its head up again. Boogie is talking to Frank. Boogie says Joe told Ashley she would ge tthe Power of Veto this week once the Big Brotehr 14 powers-that-be see Frank ‘cheated’ in choosing the Veto players. Naturally, the Big Brother live feeds cut out.

2:15 PM BBT

Mike Boogie seems happy that he thinks Shane will go with his plan to put Dan Gheesling up to replace Frank on the block, and then Dan will get evicted on Thursday. Boogie says he won’t even walk Dan to the door, he’ll just sit in his nomination chair and smile.

2:35 PM BBT

Britney Haynes and Shane talk. Britney wants to know if Boogie has managed to convince Shane to change his mind about nominations. Shane says he will not put up Dan, even though he tried to get Boogie to believe he would. He says he plans to put up Jenn Arroyo as the pawn against Boogie. Britney says again that Frank is going to win the game. No matter what they do, they can’t get rid of him and the deck seems stacked for him to win it all.

3:20 PM BBT

Shane and Joe are in the kitchen talking about the next Head of Household Competition. Outside, Frank, Boogie, Ashley, and Jenn are all dissing Chef Joe with Boogie laying it on thick. Joe goes off to the living room. Britney tells Shane Frank found out Joe complained to the Diary Room about him allegedly cheating at the Power of Veto competition. Shane is like, omg. The Big Brother live feeds, predictably, cut out again.

4:35 PM BBT

Frank cusses at the Big Brother live feeds cameras, saying when he finally wins the Power of Veto, he gets accused of cheating by Joe. He says Joe is a low down dirtybag trying to take away his win. Feeds cut to fish.

4:40 PM BBT

Ashley and Britney talking and the Veto ‘cheating’ is brought up again… and the feeds go to fish. Sigh.

4:45 PM BBT

Shane tells Danielle that Ashley and Frank made out and he thinks they will pair up if Boogie levaes.
4:50 PM BBT

The Power of Veto competition ‘cheating’ scandal rears up again as Frank goes after Chef Joe Arvin over what he said about Frank cheating. The Big Brother live feeds keep getting cut off but you do hear Joe telling Frank to spill on who told him Joe was saying anything about it. Frank won’t tell.

5:00 PM BBT

Chef Joe is furious and he tells Shane he is about to go have it out with Frank, but Shane tells him not to ‘pull a Willie’. LOL.

5:40 PM BBT

Mike Boogie is after Britney again, still trying to convince her she is not a target and he would be going after Joe and Dan if he stays in the game. He knows he needs her vote badly.

Frank Eudy, meanwhile, is pushind Shane about naming Dan as the replacement nominee and targeting him for eviction this week instead of Boogie.

6:05 PM BBT

Dan and Joe talk about Frank and Ashley making out. Joe says Ian (who has a crush on Ashley) doesn’t know and he would be very upset if he knew.

6:45 PM BBT

The mysterious and nearly invisible Jenn Arroyo makes an actual game move by pushing Shane to nominate Chef Joe instead of her to put up against Boogie.

6:55 PM BBT

The drama, the drama, the drama. Now Ashley Iocco is being all pissed at Chef Joe for telling houseguests she threw the Power of Veto Competition for Frank.

7:05 PM BBT

Chef Joe tells Britney the Diary Room (Big Brother 14 production), agreed with him that Frank and Boogie cheated, but that it didn’t matter because Frank would have won the Power of Veto anyway. (If that is true — and that is a big IF, that is BS. If he cheated, he should have been disqualified from competiting, thus NOT winning.)

8:30 PM BBT

Shane waffles about whether or not he can trust Dan or not. Ian reassures him that Dan is really on their side.

10:15 PM BBT

Frank and Joe seem less at each other’s throats as they talk again about Joe accusing Frank of cheating at the PoV Comp.

11:25 PM BBT

Awwwh! Cute little Ian Terry has ouched his ankle playing badminton and has to see the medic.

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