Big Brother 15 Recap: Live Eviction Results, Top Three Revealed!

Big Brother 15 Week 11 Wednesday Live Feeds  (8)Before going into the show tonight, we are pretty sure from our Big Brother spoilers from the Live Feeds which HouseGuests would be the one who was voted off tonight. Still, there is always a chance the unexpected might happen and things will not turn out how we expect. We know there are a lot of fans who are hoping along with us that there will be some kind of crazy fun surprise during our live Big Brother 15 recap tonight!

It’s been a long, long season of Big Brother 2013 but there is only one week left now before we’ll crown the season 15 winner. CBS just announced that the show has been renewed for 2014, so at least when BB15 closes next week, we’ll have another season to look for. And frankly, after this season’s lackluster crop of players, we wouldn’t mind having a Big Brother 16: All Stars year!

Before we move on to speculating about the next season of the show, however, we still have to wrap up the Big Brother 15 finale. Part one of that process will start tonight with the last (and most important) Veto Competition of the summer, followed by a live eviction, and then wrapping up with the beginning of the first part of the Head of Household Competition.

The first round of the final HoH Comp will be an endurance challenge and we won’t see the end of it on the CBS Big Brother 15 show. You’ll want to have those Live Feeds cranked up and ready to go to watch the end and find out who wins. If you don’t have the Feeds yet, you can still get in on a two-day free trial to watch how it all plays out. Of course, we will bring you the spoilers on what happens but it’s not nearly as much fun as watching the drama for yourself!

Stick with us right here for our live Big Brother recap kicking off at 9PM ET!

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Before we start with tonight’s action, we have our mini-recap of what’s happened to get us to tonight’s episode, including a review of The Exterminators’ success so far in eliminating two big players: Elissa and Amanda. But then things went south when McCrae won the Power of Veto and foiled HoH Spencer and The Exterminators’ plan to get rid of him. Now Andy is in power though as the new HoH and once again McCrae is going to be the target to get rid of tonight.

We’re also happy to report that it looks like we are going to get some tasty treats from inside the Jury House tonight! Now let’s get on with the show!

We continue tonight where we left off with Judd’s eviction on Wednesday. Andy and Spencer are pissed that they’ve lost Judd from The Exterminators. Andy says he needs to keep GinaMarie close because he trusts her more than Spencer.

Big Brother 15 Head of Household Competition:

Fast forward to the Head of Household Competition and Andy is shown winning and falling on the ground. Spencer and GinaMarie really wanted to win but they are at least happy that Andy won and The Exterminators will still be in charge. McCrae is just hoping for a miracle to win the Power of Veto.

Big Brother 15 Eviction Nominations:

The Exterminators have a 75 percent chance of winning the Power of Veto. Andy has to nominate McCrae and he has to put up an Exterminator too. He talks over the scenarios with GM and Spencer about what to do. He tells them he doesn’t want to piss either of them off.

At the Veto Ceremony, Andy decides to put up Spencer because it doesn’t really matter. Besides, it helps Spencer keep his extreme record of being on the block more than any other HouseGuest in the show’s history.

A Jaunt to the Jury House:

Now it’s over to the all female Jury to see what’s been happening over there. Helen has been painting her own Memory Wall and Candice is making sweet tea. Aaryn walks up in her sunglasses and tells everyone that Elissa knocked her out as the HoH. Candice cheers and says yeahhhhhH!!!! Aaryn apologizes to everyone for saying “some very insensitive and ignorant things” this season. She says she was very stressed and she feels really bad for the things she has said and done. The other ladies toast with her.

9-12-2013 06-20-28 PMNext up we have the four girls gathered in the kitchen and it’s time for Amanda’s arrival in the Jury House. She gives hugs all around. Jessie says “her nightmare is finally over” with McCranda finally split up and Amanda in the Jury. Amanda says walking in that she felt like all the girls were happy to see her. She tells Amanda that she got Elissa on her side but the vote ended up as a tie and GinaMarie broke it and sent her out. Amanda tells them that America hates her and she got huge boos. She tells them all that Andy is allied with Spencer, GinaMarie and Judd in The Exterminators and voted against her. Aaryn says she told Amanda that Andy was a liar and she should have kept her instead of Andy.

Elissa walks through the door next in the double eviction. Candice is sad that Elissa was sent out next. She says that McCrae put her and GinaMarie on the block. Amanda says he thinks it was a mistake for McCrae to do that but he probably didn’t know Elissa really did vote to keep her. Amanda gives Elissa back her wedding ring and apologizes for McCrae sending her out.

9-12-2013 06-24-58 PMAmanda says the selfish part of her wants McCrae to walk in the door but it’s Judd instead. He tells them about The Exterminators and Spencer winning HoH and putting him up. They all sit down to watch his eviction video. Judd says he shouted that he is voting for Spencer and Andy in the end so that McCrae and GinaMarie will target them.

They argue about who supports GinaMarie. Then they start arguing about who is a floater and a flip-flopper. Judd says McCrae was just riding Amanda’s coattails. Candice says McCrae was the main floater in the house. Amanda says McCrae has played the most loyal and honest game. Candice starts yelling again about him floating through the whole game. Everyone looks uncomfortable.

Big Brother 15 Veto Competition:

9-12-2013 06-34-12 PMIt’s finally time for the most important PoV Comp of the season. Not only will the winner be safe from eviction but they will also determine who will be the sole vote in this week’s eviction. The HouseGuests have spider web puzzles and little circles with previously evicted HouseGuests’ heads on the body of flies. They have to match the circles with clues on the wall but they also have to go in a certain pattern to complete the puzzle.

After a lot of running back and forth, McCrae is crushed when Andy wins the Veto Competition and Spencer, GinaMarie and Andy celebrate loudly. McCrae says now he has to convince Andy that he needs to take him to the final three.

Spencer talks to Andy about how GinaMarie is a fierce competitor and she probably has a lot of Jury votes. He is trying to convince Andy that it would be better to keep McCrae than GM. (Spencer has a final two deal with everyone, including McCrae at this point.) Most importantly, however, he wants to make sure that Andy thinks he is better to take to the final two than GM.

Later, Spencer talks to McCrae and tells him to talk to Andy about how dangerous GM is, especially with Jury votes. Spencer talks about how GM made one of the biggest moves of the season by putting up him and Amanda and getting Amanda out.

McCrae campaigns Andy to keep him because the Jury hates him more than they hate Andy. And also because GinaMarie would be more of a threat to Andy in the final two.

Big Brother 15 Veto Ceremony:

It’s time for the final pleas and McCrae does some shoutouts and then says Andy should use the Veto on him because he is bad radical. Or something like that. Spencer says some stuff and then talks about his beautiful girl Marilyn — who is not even his current girlfriend but his ex, as far as we are aware.

Andy announces that he is not going to use the Power of Veto and leave the nominations alone. That leaves GinaMarie with the only vote because Andy is both the HoH and the PoV winner. McCrae tells GM it is all good after doing a bunch more shoutouts. He knows he is going to Jury. Spencer says some stuff that we just don’t care about. 

Big Brother 15 Live Eviction Vote Results:

GinaMarie says she loves everyone like brothers and she thanks Andy for not nominating her. She tells McCrae that they all love him and he is a great guy but “they” are evicting him. He gives hugs all around. He gives a shoutout to another Big Brother fan site and we’re like, dude! How about some love for us? 

9-12-2013 06-50-48 PMWhen McCrae sits down with Julie, they show a clip of Andy revealing The Exterminators to McCrae right before the live eviction. McCrae says he was blown away by the reveal and he should have been smarter and followed his instincts that something was off with Andy. McCrae says he thought Andy wanted Amanda out so he could work with him, he didn’t realize there was this whole alliance going on.

Julie asks him about his showmance with Amanda. McCrae says that if Amanda had left a little earlier, it might have helped his game. He says it went on so long that he was kind of crippled by it. Julie says at times McCrae seemed deeply in love with Amanda and at times he seemed to be deeply afraid of her. The audience laughs. Julie wants to know the truth. McCrae says basically, I dunno know.

In the goodbye messages, GM says McCrae is awesome but he just got Exterminated. Spencer says he apologizes for how things came out and he wishes him the best of luck. Andy reveals The Exterminators again in the goodbye message and says he voted against Amanda and framed Elissa for it. Clearly these were taped before they told McCrae about the alliance before the live vote.

Big Brother 15 Final Three - GinaMarie, Spencer and Andy
Big Brother 15 Final Three – GinaMarie, Spencer and Andy

Julie asks The Exterminators why they decided to reveal the alliance to McCrae and tell him he was leaving before the vote. Andy says they just respected McCrae as a player and wanted to treat him well.

Big Brother 15 Final Head of Household Competition Part 1:

We are SHOCKED that they did not start the first round of the final HoH Comp at the end of the show and it didn’t look like it was going to start. We’re monitoring the Big Brother Live Feeds right now but it could be that CBS has decided to change things up. They could possibly be moving the first round of the HoH comp a bit later and it won’t start for a few hours. We REALLY hope they don’t decide to move it tomorrow and then block out the whole thing. We’ll keep you up to date at the link below!

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