Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Final HoH Comp Part 1 Results!

go-big-cbs-bb15-promoThis is it fans! There is less than a week until the Big Brother 15 finale and the final Head of Household Competition kicked off with round one tonight. The endurance competition round started out on the CBS network show but only fans watching on the Big Brother Live Feeds are able to tune in for the whole challenge and find out who won.

Of course, you can also hang right here with us for our live recap of part one of the final Big Brother 15 Head of Household Competition! We’ll be bringing you all the action live as it happens and post the spoilers for you right here on who takes home the win. There are no more floaters in this game. No one can afford to lose or throw the challenge this time. It’s a battle for their lives and we’ll be watching and recapping every minute of it!

Our live recap of the first leg of the final Big Brother 2013 Head of Household Competition will kick off right here on this page below as soon as the CBS show ends and the Live Feeds come back up. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, tell us in the comments below who you want to see in the final two for Big Brother 15!

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We have an unusual turn of events right now. The first part of the final HoH Comp did not kick off at the end of the CBS network show. Usually it does and we were expecting the first part of the endurance challenge to start up right away in the last few minutes of the episode and continue on the Live Feeds. Tonight, the HoH Comp didn’t start until after the west coast airing of the show but it’s finally happening !

You can tune in to watch on the Big Brother Live Feeds (remember, you can still get a free two-day trial to watch) or hang with us for our live recap starting right now.

9-12-2013 09-08-22 PM9:10 PM BBT: The HouseGuests are all skating around a disco-themed room on roller skates. They have to hop over/around rows of cones three times around the ring. As of right now, Spencer, GinaMarie and Andy are all still in the competition. Spencer is really, really struggling. Andy and GinaMarie are giving him encouragement.

9:12 PM BBT: And Spencer is out! He went down hard. Everyone laughs, in a nice way. Spencer says he bets he lasted longer than any of you f**kers thought he would!

9:14 PM BBT: GinaMarie says this isn’t easy with a broken toe. Andy says she’s got this… wait, no, he hopes she doesn’t. She laughs and says yeah, she hears him.

9-12-2013 09-23-34 PM9:20 PM BBT: Some kind of wet spray fog now hitting GinaMarie and Andy. That’s downright dangerous. Andy is swinging backwards over the cones. He is really struggling.

9:22 PM BBT: Andy has hurt his knee and says “f**k” and “OMG”. Bubbles and foam start pouring onto the skating ring.

9:23 PM BBT: And Andy has fallen! He is flat on his back but he says he is okay.

GinaMarie has won the first round of the final Head of Household Competition! After she wins, tons of glitter pours out of the ceiling. GM screams and screams and falls down and makes a glitter angel. Then she chokes on the glitter, gets up. Screams some more, falls in the foam and makes a foam angel. Then she writes her initials in the glitter foam. She’s hilarious.

9-12-2013 09-26-18 PM

Ready to find out who won part two of the final Head of Household Competition and will compete against GinaMarie in round three to decide who will make it to the finale? Just click the link below for spoilers!

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