Big Brother 21 Spoilers Week 10 Power of Veto Competition Results (08/31/19)

Jessica Milagros really needs this week’s Power of veto, because if not, she is likely the person heading to jury this week. On Thursday, Jackson Michie won his second Head of Household (that he was eligible to win) in a row. As he took his title as the Big Brother 21 comp beast, he set his sights on taking out a major threat to his game…Jessica.

Big Brother 20 Power of Veto

Yesterday, he prepared Jessica for her possible game fate, while assuring Christie Murphy that she would be fine this week. It seems like Cliff Hogg III, Tommy Bracco, and Nicole Anthony are willing to grant Jackson his wish. Therefore, the only way for a shake up this week is if Jessica takes home the win, otherwise, it’s not looking good for her.

If Christie or Tommy take the win, Christie comes down and Cliff goes up as a pawn. Tommy and Christie might use this as a chance to try to take out Cliff over Jess, but Holly Allen and Nicole are likely going to vote out Jess, making it a tie, which Jackson will break by voting out Jess. Tommy going up and Jess coming down would give the most interesting outcome for the week, and possibly the season, but Holly and Jackson really don’t want to lose Tommy as an ally. Jackson has broken his game promises before (Analyse Talavera says “hi” from the jury house), so it’s possible he may change his mind on targeting Tommy this week.

So the excitement, or lack thereof, all depends on Jess. Can she be this week’s Big Brother 21 hero?



Tommy won the Power of Veto!

He is likely to use the Veto to save Christie, which means Cliff and Jess on the block, with Jess still the intended target.

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