Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 74: Holly and Jackson Become Bigger Targets

The Big Brother 21 houseguests spent most of the day playing the Hide and Go Veto competition aka destroying the house. The Hide and Go Veto is always a little source of stress in the house because the houseguests find themselves with high anxiety for having to make their way through all the mess left behind. There was definitely a little tension about the mess, especially from Christie Murphy and Jessica Milagros, but the main source of tension came from Holly Allen and Jackson Michie.

Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Recap Day 74-1

Nicole Anthony started to put some clues together that weren’t adding up. Jackson was the one who found Cliff Hogg III and Nicole’s Veto, which is strange if these people are supposed to be your allies. It’s even more strange when Cliff specifically told Jackson where he hid his Veto, so Jackson could help Cliff win it. Jackson claimed (and which is likely true) that he just misheard Cliff about where he hid it.

However, Nicole started to wonder if Jackson set up Cliff to end up on the block so that they could vote him out over Jessica. She worried that the original four was still together. Nicole was upset about constantly losing her people. Later, Nicole had a talk with Tommy Bracco and they both started to put the clues together that Jackson and Holly were trying to play the middle.

They wanted to keep two duos here to go after each other, so they could just ride it out. Tommy and Nicole decided that to make it fair, everyone needed to go after Jackson and Holly next eviction (aka the double eviction). Nicole later shared more about this during her camera talk and she mentioned that she didn’t understand why Jessica was taking all her frustrations out on her and didn’t’ trust her. Nicole said she cared about Jess, but would vote her out this week over Cliff.

Meanwhile, Jackson and Holly got into a big fight. Similar to their one weeks ago where Jackson was upset about a remark Holly made and tried to distance himself from her, claiming he didn’t want to be a source of her unhappiness, and she told him that that was not the case. The fight had tears, anger, and not much resolved.

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