Big Brother 14 Predictions: Who Will Be Evicted in Week 4?

On Big Brother 14 Thursday night, another houseguest will be headed home, and this week, they have no idea it is coming. Our Big Brother 14 predictions for the live eviction show this week are painfully obvious about who will be evicted. The only real question remaining is whether or not someone will break ranks and tell them what is coming before it happens.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

For those who have been watching the Big Brother live feeds, the results of Thursday night’s Big Brother 14 live eviction show are pretty clear. Unless there is an incredibly shocking last minute house reversal, or CBS suddenly throws in an insane twist, it seems almost 100% sure that veteran houseguest Janelle Pierzina will be evicted from Big Brother 14 this week.

This all came about due to the powerhouse force now known as the “silent 6” alliance, pushed into action by Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin. The silent 6 — Britney Haynes, Shane Meaney, Danielle Murphree, Dan Gheesling, Mike Boogie, and Frank Eudy — have banded together to get Janelle out.

On the side, another alliance has also formed, affectionately called ‘Team Tits’ — Wil Heuser, Ashley Iocco, and Jenn Arroyo. These three have also consolidated to vote out Janelle Pierzina, who was formerly Wil and Ashley’s coach. They are working independently of the ‘silent 6’ but they know the majority vote is going against Janelle.

The only lone holdout so far that does seem to be voting for Janelle to stay is Chef Joe Arvin, her former team player and biggest spy. This is most likely, however, because he has NO IDEA the whole rest of the house is planning to evict Janelle. If he did, he’d switch his vote faster than you can blink. He wants to be where the power is, and right now, he still is totally clueless that Janelle has lost all of it.

There you go, the state of the game before the Big Brother 14 live eviction results show tonight. If all goes as everyone believes it will in the Big Brother 14 predictions out there, Janelle will be going home tonight — losing Big Brother for the third time.

We’ll also have a new Big Brother 14 Head of Household tonight and it’s going to be a huge deal who ends up with the power this next week as the next player to go out will likely end up in the Jury House.

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