Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Live Feed Recap – Overnight Report 8/9

Wednesday night was the last evening in the house for one of the Big Brother 14 houseguests, but they don’t know it yet. A new and powerful alliance in the house has managed to push nearly every vote in the house to get out one of the players, and still leave them clueless they are about to get the boot. Who will be evicted on Big Brother 14 tonight? Read on in our overnight Big Brother 14 recap of the Big Brother live feeds for the latest!


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds from Monday, August 6. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

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* As it stands now, there will likely be a 8 to 1 vote to evict veteran houseguests Janelle Pierzina in the Big Brother 14 live eviction tonight. Chef Joe Arvin is likely to be the lone holdout, but mostly that’s because he has no idea what is going on.

Joining the houseguests once again last night after the Big Brother live feeds mysteriously went to trivia…

7:35 PM BBT

The Big Brother live feeds return after a trivia break. Turns out that it was sadly not really anything exciting. Producers apparently decided it was time for the Big Brother 14 halfway party and gave the houseguests pizza and stuff. The houseguests take this opportunity to be paranoid and wonder why they are having the halfway party before anyone has gone to the Jury House yet…

7:45 PM BBT

Carrying the paranoia further, Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin thinks that maybe the party is a sign of a double eviction this week.

8:20 PM BBT

Apparently we find out that Chef Joe Arvin head-butted the cake the houseguests were given for their halfway party. He had, allegedly, had 2 beers and a glass of wine, according to Britney Haynes. They laugh about Joe and his endless attempts at final alliances with everyone in the house.

8:25 PM BBT

Britney, who was crying earlier about evicting Janelle Pierzina, is told in the Diary Room that she cannot tell Janelle she is being voted out. She tells Boogie this. Apparently production does not care if the players LIE to Janelle about voting FOR her, but they are now apparently not allowed to tell her the truth and say they are voting AGAINST her.

8:35 PM BBT

Janelle Pierzina is confident she has the votes not to be evicted. Especially since Ashley Iocco and Wil Heuser just lied to her again and told her she has their votes. It’s really kind of sad and even I am beginning to feel bad for her at this point. She’s asked repeatedly not to be blindsided at the eviction so she won’t cry and be upset on camera, but production won’t let anyone tell her she’s going home.

Janelle corners Dan again and is pushing him to commit to vote to keep her. He just avoidos the topic and keeps saying he’ll vote what Shane does. She keeps pushing for him to confirm Shane’s vote so he can commit. Dan says he will.

9:15 PM BBT

Britney tells Janelle the Diary Room told her they aren’t supposed to tell people who they are voting. Janelle is like WTF? Since when? Britney says they are being very strict about it. Britney tells Janelle if she goes home it would be a disaster for her. Janelle wonders if maybe Dan is after getting her nominated… (First it was Wil, then maybe Joe, then Danielle, now Dan…)

9:25 PM BBT

Frank knows about the Team Tits alliance — Wil, Ashley, and Jenn Arroyo. He calls it The Castaways though, which he says is what Mike Boogie calls them.

9:40 PM BBT

Dan, basically going against what Britney just told her, tells Janelle that he will tell her if she is going to be evicted. Which, of course, now he’s not even supposedly allowed to do that.

10:25 PM BBT

Danielle swarms all over Shane. She gets him to tell her she is not fat. They wrestle around and Shane smacks her on the a**. This is not the way to convince her you absolutely have no interesting in wanting to f**k her Shane.

10:55 PM BBT

Team Tits talks and aren’t Wil, Jenn and Ashley cute in their cat makeup. I especially love the cute little pigtail ears on Wil and Ashley. Then they start crawling around and licking themselves. I am not lying here. (Weirdos.)

11:18 PM BBT

Ian Terry does a cute little dance on the pool table after he wins a game over Britney. Later the two of them quiz for upcoming Head of Household competitions in the hammock out back and bash Chef Joe — a Big Brother 14 house pasttime.

12:35 PM BBT

Janelle tells Dan she has Jenn’s vote. He’s like, really? Yeah… He’s not really buying it Janelle.

12:50 AM BBT

Danielle Murphree continues with her insane, delusional rants about all things Janelle. Danielle keeps translating everything Janelle does and says to her through some kind of ‘crazy’ filter and then spouting radically different versions of their conversations to other people. It’s totally bizarre. I guess she really wants to make sure everyone votes Janelle out… or she hates her really a lot for various weird reasons… or she’s just nuts. She is also obsessed about her weight. Taking about Jenn telling her Janelle said she had fat chunky legs. She says she had anorexia when she was 20 because her ex boyfriend called her fat, then when she lost weight he said she was disgustingly too thin.

And on that…. I’m out. Pretty much nothing of real significance happens after this and most of the houseguests have a rather early night.

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