Who Won Power of Veto On Big Brother Week 12? 09/13/17

Tonight, Big Brother 19 viewers watched Alex Ow leave the game, and head to the jury house. We also saw Paul Abrahamian win this week’s Head of Household competition. Right now, Paul is about to approach his Big Brother 19 win without a hitch.

Big Brother 19 Julie Chen Week 12 Power of Veto

It’s hard to really muster a lot of faith in Josh Martinez winning the final part of the Head of Household competition against Paul. Heck, if Christmas Abbott is medically cleared, she might beat him in part 1 or 2. Right now, Josh, however, is the only hope of something changing up the game.

As Paul keeps things going according to plan, early today, he nominated Josh and Kevin Schlehuber for eviction. He wants Kevin out of the house, so that he can fulfill his Big Brother 19 easy win fantasies of sitting in the end with Christmas and Josh. The only thing that could have stopped Paul’s plans to evict Kevin is if he won this week’s Power of Veto.

Based on logic and statistics, it almost seemed impossible for anyone but Paul to win this week’s POV. He has the best competition record of the remaining houseguests, and he has some experience with some of these competitions.

So who won the final Power of Veto of Big Brother 19?



We want see the Power of Veto competition and ceremony until tomorrow, but based on a reliable leak, this was the outcome of tonight’s POV competition:

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian

Paul Abrahamian won this week’s Big Brother 19 Power of Veto. I mean did you expect anyone else?

This secures his final three spot, and most likely secures Christmas and Josh’s final three places. We expect Paul to keep nominations the same, which gives Christmas the final vote. She will send Kevin out the Big Brother 19 house, making him the second to last jury member.

Join us tomorrow night to see how it all unfolds, and to see who gets evicted on Thursday’s live final four eviction. Don’t forget to join us tomorrow morning for our recap of tonight’s Wednesday episode.

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