Who Won Head of Household on Big Brother Last Night? 9/12/2017

Going into this week’s Big Brother eviction, Paul Abrahamian believes he has it all figured out. He wants a fast trip to the final 3 Big Brother 19 players by winning the Head of Household. Then he wants to win the Veto and send Kevin Schlehuber to the Big Brother 19 jury house. The only chance of a disruption to Paul’s plan is if Kevin wins this Head of Household competition.

Big brother 19 Julie Chen Head of Household

As outgoing Head of Household, Josh Martinez cannot compete, and Alex Ow just left the Big Brother game. If Christmas Abbott is medically cleared, then she will likely throw the HOH to Paul. Not only that, if Christmas won it by a fluke, and if Kevin won Veto, she would try to get Kevin to vote out Josh over Paul.

Kevin’s chances of winning this Head of Household seems very slim. He hasn’t won any competitions yet, though he has thrown a lot of them. Additionally, Paul has been ramping Josh and Christmas up to verbally attack Kevin before the competition. This is to rattle him so much that he performs badly during the competition.

Paul winning the Head of Household leads to the most predictable week, while Kevin winning it could provide excitement not only for Thursday’s eviction, but the final three in general.

So who won this week’s Big Brother 19 Head of Household competition? Read below to find out.



Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian

This week’s Head of Household winner is…Paul Abrahamian. Paul won the ‘What the Bleep’ competition. It’s the one where houseguests must guess how to complete a sentence by recalling a statement made by the houseguests this season.

Paul winning goes right along with his plans, so he will probably nominate Josh and Kevin. Though it doesn’t really matter because it comes down to who wins the Veto.

Update (09/13/17) @ 12:44 CST: As expected, Paul nominated Kevin Schlehuber and Josh Martinez. Everything comes down to the POV. We’ll update you once we know those results.

Join us tomorrow morning for a recap of tonight’s Big Brother 19 surprise eviction episode.

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