Big Brother 19 Speculations: Who Will Win the Den of Temptation’s Ring of Replacement?

On Sunday night’s Big Brother 19 episode, we saw the official opening of the Den of Temptation. It released the Pendant of Protection into the Big Brother 2017 house, and created havoc in the game.

We saw Sunday night that Paul Abrahamian received and took the temptation offer. At random, Paul then selected a number, which led to Ramses Soto facing a Big Brother 19 punishment.

Ramses revealed to most of his housemates that his punishment results in him going on the block within the next two weeks (it was a three week penalty, but he chose not to go on the block this week). This punishment hasn’t had game repercussions for Ramses yet, but Paul’s power caused major waves.

It exposed Cody Nickson’s plans, destroyed his relationship with his alliance, and shook up the power structure. These Den of Temptation powers have the potential to have great effects on the Big Brother 2017 game. Therefore, Big Brother fans need to make wise choices.

Also on Sunday’s episode, CBS showed a promotional video for the newest Den of Temptation power: the Ring of Replacement. This power allows one Big Brother 19 houseguest to swap someone out of a Power of Veto competition. They then get to take their place and play in it.

The Ring of Replacement works well for someone who may be a backdoor target. Voting for it ends on Friday, July 7, 2017 at 1:00 PM EST; you can vote ten times per day.

The Den of Temptation Paul Abrahamian Big Brother 19

According to a Big Brother Network poll, the four players with the current leading votes are Alex Ow, Christmas Abbott, Kevin Schlehuber, and Cody Nickson. Alex and Christmas are way ahead of everyone with about 24 percent of the votes each.

Of course, this is a small poll compared to the CBS Big Brother viewing audience. The Big Brother social media fans and the viewers who only watch the show may have a different view of who they believe deserves this power. However, we do expect to see one of those four players, especially Alex or Christmas, get the offer for the Ring of Replacement.

We expect Wednesday’s episode to sway the votes in Christmas’s favor. If she leaves on Thursday, we see Alex getting the power because she should receive the second highest votes.

We also expect whoever receives the offer to accept it. Since Ramses punishment was almost the inverse of Paul’s reward, we expect the same for the Ring of Replacement, which may mean someone cannot play in the next couple of Power of Veto competitions.

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