Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 3 Highlights: Power of Veto Ceremony Creates Havoc

Yesterday in the Big Brother 19 house, we witnessed the most eventful day yet. It is hard to believe we’re only three days into the Big Brother Live Feeds, because we have already had so much drama happening in the game. If the players continue to play at this level of crazy, we are in for an exciting year of Big Brother 2017 live feeds.

Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott, Paul Abrahamian, Cody Nickson

Most of the Big Brother action revolved around Head of Household Cody Nickson’s Power of Veto decision. Anyone who follows our Big Brother 19 spoilers, already knows what caused the drama and some of the events following it. However, to get the full Big Brother 19 day 3 Live Feeds highlight reel, read all about it below.

Cody Shows His Cards

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian and Cody Nickson

Cody started his day by finalizing deals with Alex Ow and Jason Dent. Then Big Brother started the Power of Veto ceremony. As we suspected, Cody tried to nominate Paul Abrahamian for eviction. However, Paul holds the Pendant of Protection, which means he has 3-weeks of immunity.

This forced Cody to go with his fifth choice: Christmas Abbott. Everyone found themselves in complete shock. Not only Christmas and Paul, but Cody’s closest allies. Everyone wanted explanations, and to find out who exactly knew about Cody’s plans.

All of his alliance members denied knowing Cody’s plans (which was completely true), but many players didn’t believe their claims, which put an even bigger target on the Big Brother 19 showmances (Cody and Jessica Graf, Elena Davies and Mark Jansen, and Matthew Clines and Raven Walton).

A Divided Alliance

Big Brother 19

Of course, Cody’s unofficially named alliance was having a big WTF moment about his decision. It created a lot of mistrust towards Cody, and by association Jessica. The alliance couldn’t believe Cody would make such a big decision without consulting or warning any of them.

They also couldn’t believe that he thought he had the votes to get rid of Paul or Christmas. The alliance then tried to figure out what to do moving forward. Matt, Raven, and Elena immediately declared that they would not vote out Christmas.

Mark, Jessica, and Dominique Cooper (to a small degree) wasn’t quite sure of the right move to make at this time. Jessica and Mark are both very close to Cody, and don’t believe that they can win Christmas or Paul back over to their side.

Mark, especially, tried to convince the other members of their alliance to continue to stay loyal to Cody and vote out Christmas. Some members listened, like his showmance partner Elena, but ultimately decided that they couldn’t vote out Christmas because they didn’t feel ‘good about it.’

Additionally, by the end of the night, Dominique also joined the ‘we can’t vote out Christmas’ camp. However, Christmas’s fate is still unwritten.

Votes Scramble

Jason Dent and Cody Nickson Big brother 19

After Cody betrayed Paul’s trust, Paul went to work for votes. Christmas and him grew closer because of Cody’s move, and Paul began to do whatever it takes to save her this week. He wants to keep her because she is a close ally, and he wants her to go after Cody next week.

Paul doesn’t quite trust anyone in the original alliance now. Therefore, he went to work on getting allies on the outcast side, and securing votes to save Christmas. He worked on Alex, Ramses Soto, and Jason’s vote.

Josh Martinez declared pretty early in the day that he had Christmas’s back, and would vote out Jillian Parker. This caused a bit of an argument between them.

As of now, the votes are as followed:

Against Christmas: Jason, Ramses, Alex, Jessica, and Mark
For Christmas: Kevin Schlehuber, Josh, Dominique, Elena, Matt, Raven, and Paul

It’s going to be a back and forth type of Big Brother week, but it will be hard for Cody’s team to get those extra two votes to vote out Christmas over Jillian.

The Curse Revealed

Big Brother 19 Den of Temptations-Pendant of Protection

After Paul revealed his power to the Big Brother house, Ramses and him had a private discussion. He revealed to Paul the exact terms of his curse. Within the first three weeks, Ramses must sit on the block. He must volunteer and get himself nominated for eviction within the next two weeks.

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