Big Brother 19 Week 11 Power Ranking–Who Holds the Power Going into the Final Days?

Are you ready for the final installment of the Big Brother 19 power rankings? It’s been a long season: we started off with a bang but have been coasting for quite some time. Time to find out one last time if there’s been any shifting or if things remained status quo as we go into the final days of Big Brother 19.

Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian and Alex Ow-Big Brother 19 Cast

Last week, Christmas Abbott ranked number 1 on our list. She wasn’t on anyone’s radar, and had latched on to the strongest player in the house: Paul Abrahamian. Now that we’re only a week away from the Big Brother 19 finale, did she maintain her power position?

5. Alex – Unless there’s some sort of major shift, Alex Ow is going home. Josh Martinez had toyed with the idea of saving her but Christmas or Paul would have to tie up the vote; it seems like they’re already past that point. They all know that Alex is one of, if not the strongest competitor left in there.

Big Brother 19 Alex OwWith Alex out of the way Paul, Josh, and Christmas have a pretty easy ride to the final three with only Kevin Schlehuber standing in the way. She has not done much to save herself but it’s pretty much a lost cause at this point anyways. Even if Alex stayed somehow, she’d probably need to win out to have a shot at the end, and even then I don’t think she’d get the votes to win from most of the Big Brother 19 jury.

4. Kevin – Kevin is slated for fourth place as things currently stand. However, when the remaining houseguests look at Kevin next to Paul, Christmas, or Josh, are they going to send home a man in his fifties who has not won a single competition this summer? It remains to be seen.

Big Brother 19 Kevin Schlehuber

I think Josh would be willing to make a move, but Paul and Christmas probably would not, depending on the situation. A Head of Household of Power of Veto win from Kevin could make a difference, but the momentum isn’t going his way. Kevin has shown that he’s just willing to throw everything if Paul asks him to, so I’m not really expecting that anything will happen to change Kevin’s fate.

3. Christmas – While Christmas is probably pretty safe in the next two evictions, at the final three it seems that Paul would rather take Josh. Due to experience, Paul is the most likely one to win that final Head of Household competition. And if Christmas manages to win, she’s looking more and more like she’d take Paul.

Big Brother 19 Christmas Abbott

Either way, she’s fighting a losing battle; her chances to win the final Head of Household are fairly limited as Christmas is still not able to compete at full capacity. She sees what Paul is doing but lately has had this team mentality which makes her not willing to go against him, despite the fact that she and Josh both know their chances against Paul are probably not very good.

2. Paul – Paul is clearly still in control, but his one blind spot is that Josh would and will take him out if giveb the chance. Yet, he wants to take Josh to the end because he sees him as his best chance to win, which probably isn’t the case. That said, Paul is still hands down the favorite to win Big Brother 19.

Big brother 19 Paul Abrahamian

However, if Josh wins something, and Paul’s fate is in his hands, he might just lose this game. And it’s possible that Christmas could decide to be selfish and take Josh over him, but that remains to be seen. Paul has played nearly flawlessly but now he needs to win competitions to ensure he makes it to the end of the game. There are more than a few potential roadblocks that could stop him, which includes a bitter jury.

1. Josh – Josh has the leg up on Paul right now. He may not have as many votes locked, but his goodbye message to Jason Dent really did a number on Paul’s reputation. He’s taking that attitude to the jury. Paul would take Josh to the end, and maybe even Christmas depending on how she’s feeling in the moment. Josh is ready and willing to make a move on Paul. He was almost willing to this week , but things didn’t fall in his favor with the Power of Veto.

Big Brother 19 Josh Martinez

Don’t get me wrong, Josh certainly has an uphill battle to win this thing, but if competitions go his way, his chances of winning this season aren’t bad. This is something I never thought I’d say considering where he started this season. Josh has come a long way and him winning would be a good story from start to finish in terms of a complete and unexpected arch.

Thanks for sticking with us all Big Brother 19 and for reading our power rankings. If you have any suggestions or input, please let us know!

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