Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Live Feed Recap – Wednesday, Week 4

As the Big Brother 14 live eviction approaches tonight, the newest ‘silent’ alliance in the house is still moving forward with the plan to blindside one of the eviction nominees with an almost unanimous, carefully orchestrated vote. Will the plan hold until the Big Brother 14 eviction tonight? Or will a last minute defection or sudden Big Brother 14 twist break the scheme into pieces? Read on in our Big Brother 14 recap from the Big Brother live feeds on Wednesday to catch up on the state of the game so far.


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds from Wednesday, August 8. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

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9:30 AM BBT

Mike Boogie is the first up again, along with his main man Frank Eudy. They do their usual chit-chat and bash session out in the backyard. Boogie says the next few days are going to be “epic television” and he tells the Big Brother live feed viewers to ‘strap in and enjoy the show’. Frank says it might just be an 8 to 1 vote to send Janelle Pierzina home in the Big Brother 14 live eviction on Thursday.

10:55 AM BBT

Ashley Iocco is up and about with her ice packs. She’s a mess and obviously in lots of pain. They appear to have given her some happy pain pills though.

11:00 AM BBT

Frank and Britney Haynes of the ‘Silent 6’ talk about next week’s target and they want Chef Joe Arvin out. They want him out before the Big Brother 14 Jury House. Boogie joins and they continue talking about targeting Joe.

11:10 AM BBT

Eviction nominee Frank Eudy takes some time to talk to the cameras. He is pretty confident he will not be going home Thursday night despite this being his third time on the block in four weeks. He tells the Big Brother live feed viewers Janelle Pierzina has been playing a terrible game this season.

11:15 AM BBT

Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin and Britney Haynes talk about Danielle Murphree. Boogie thinks she is lying about being a kindergarten teacher (she is) and that she has some kind of job in medicine and is probably a nurse (she does). Britney actually knows, but doesn’t reveal that to Boogie, just plays around with him.

11:40 AM BBT

Britney tells Danielle that Boogie has been guessing she is not a teacher and that she works in the medical field. Although Danielle has freaked out previously about anyone finding out she is a nurse, and swore Britney ‘on her life’ not to tell, now she really doesn’t seem to care as much. She says she’ll never admit it though. Again, we ask, why the hell does she think admitting she is a nurse is such a big deal. Honestly Danielle, NO ONE cares. Lying about it and being secretive, on the other hand, makes people wonder if you are a doctor and rich and don’t need the Big Brother 14 money…

11:45 AM BBT

In a huge Danielle delusional moment, she now tells Britney that Shane Meaney is ‘afraid of his feelings for  her’ and that he’s actually said this. She goes on about how much Shane has feelings for her, and he’s scared of how strong they are, and the distance between them on the outside. I mean, really, we’re watching her 24/7 on the Big Brother live feeds and she is making this s**t up right out of her a**. Or she’s been having delusional conversations with an alternate universe Shane in her head.

I think Britney knows she is kind of crazy though. She advises Danielle  to give up on the whole idea of the Shane romance and just be friends. Danielle then actually says SHE tried to kill the romantic aspect and he pulled her back in. She says he’s just so back and forth and she’s sick of it! Danielle keeps talking about how Shane is all hot and cold, sweet and then mean. He tells Britney, of course, that he’s not going to admit any of this in front of her. (Because NONE OF IT HAPPENED.) They also discuss Danielle’s supposed, alleged, mysterious sort of boy back home named Trey Gorman. I’m beginning to wonder if Danielle really does have some mental issues… not kidding here.

1:00 PM BBT

Janelle Pierzina corners Dan Gheesling for a quick chat. She tells him that she talked to Shane and he is absolutely giving her his vote (he’s not but he lied about it). Dan says he hasn’t talked to Shane and Danielle yet. Janelle says Wil swore on his dog’s life he’d vote for her to stay. (He did, but had his fingers crossed and said it didn’t count.) Dan says he will vote to keep her if she has the votes to stay. (Which is actually not really a lie, since she doesn’t have the votes.) Janelle asks he wouldn’t lie to her right? He avoids that question as she says Danielle told her she wants her to stay. Janelle wonders if Danielle is depressed… Dan says she’s… sensitive. (I say, borderline crazy-town.)

1:10 PM BBT

Janelle checks in with Wil Heuser, who is shaving his legs in the shower, to make sure she still has his vote and he’ll let her know if anything changes. He lies and says yes.

1:15 PM BBT

Dan Gheesling says he wants to tell Janelle beforehand that she is going to be evicted. Boogie tells him that the powers that be would not like that. he says f**k no a couple of times. Of course production really doesn’t want them to tell Janelle. It wouldn’t make for such dramatic live television if someone told her in advance, instead of letting her be shocked and dismayed by the backdoor eviction.

1:25 PM BBT

Janelle pops out of her bikini top briefly again. Those things do seem hard to control…

2:45 PM BBT

Chef Joe Arvin tells Shane he thinks that there is an alliance of Ashley Iocco, Ian Terry, Jenn Arroyo, and Wil Heuser. (There is an alliance of Jenn, Ashley, and Wil — Team Tits. Ian, on the other hand, seems to be in practically everyone’s alliance at least a little bit.)

3:00 PM BBT

Chef Joe continues to work everyone in the house trying to find allies and dig out information. He tells Shane he is totally his man and will do whatever he wants. Meanwhile, Chef Joe still remains the only person besides Janelle that doesn’t know she is totally going home in the Big Brother 14 live eviction on Thursday. He’s also her lone vote.

3:10 PM BBT

Shane Meaney implies that maye Ashley Iocco isn’t really that hurt, maybe she’s just a good actor. Danielle floats the idea that maybe Ashley is just an addict and that the producers keep giving Ashley pain meds.

3:30 PM BBT

Janelle and Frank have a lovely little talk where they make all nicey-nice. A lot of it fake, but some of it actually seems geniune.

4:15 PM BBT

Dan, Danielle, and Shane talk up in the Head of Household room. Dan tells them Janelle is lying to everyone about the votes, saying she absolutely has Dan’s and Shane’s votes when both have not actually directly said that. (Although they have implied it heavily.)

4:45 PM BBT

Britney keeps up the lies to Janelle, telling her Dan would be crazy to vote against her (and thus also Danielle since they are a pair).

5:00 PM BBT

Just minutes later, Britney is in tears over continuing to lie to Janelle. She is way too emotional about this. She wants Dan to tell her why they are evicting Janelle. (Like you haven’t bad-mouthed her all over the house too, Britney.) Britney wants to tell Janelle she is being evicted.

5:15 PM BBT

Danielle also continues to spin lies, but hers are crazy hallucination lies, not game play lies. She tells Britney that Janelle has been a total bully to her. Britney thinks she is crazy and that what Danielle is saying is kind of BS. (Yes, yes, it is.) Dan tells Britney, Danielle and Ian that he was told in the Diary Room that you can’t tell someone they are being evicted or nominated. (Again, of course they don’t want you to tell her, it would run the whole ‘shock and awe’ moment for the Big Brother 14 live eviction show.)

6:05 PM BBT

Big Brother live feeds go to trivia for some unknown reason. Good time for a break.

We’ll see you back here shortly for our overnight report!

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