Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Live Feed Recap – Overnight Report 8/8

One of the biggest game play moves of the Big Brother 14 season continues to build momentum and the house rallies to oust one of the favorites from the house. If you aren’t watching all this go down on the Big Brother live feeds, you are missing out on some of the most fun scheming and backstabbing of the whole season so far. Check out our Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds for some highlights from the action going on behind the scenes!


This post contains Big Brother 14 spoilers from the Big Brother live feeds. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

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* When last we left our hamsters, the plot to evict Janelle while convincing her she is safe continued at a rapid pace…

6:45 PM BBT

The planned ‘mutiny’ against Chef Joe Arvin and takeover of the kitchen does not happen. The houseguests are all forced to sit down and eat Joe’s food again, which they will no doubt complain about again tomorrow. Wankers.

7:15 PM BBT

Wil Heuser and Janelle Pierzina make all nicey-nice with each other in one of the fakest moments of the day. They both say they are not mad. Wil says he’s shocked Janelle was put on the block. She doesn’t beleive him. Wil says he thinks it was Chef Joe Arvin that pushed for Janelle to be put on the block. Wil thinks Boogie has a deal with Dan. Janelle says no way and that Dan and Britney want her to stay. Wil says again that Janelle has his vote. Janelle makes him swear on his dog’s life that he isn’t lying. He says he’s not.

7:22 PM BBT

Wil tells Frank and Ashley he just swore to Janelle on his dog’s life that he wouldn’t vote against her at eviction. He said he had his fingers crossed behind his back so it doesn’t count. Ouch! “Lie for a lie,” Wil says.

7:55 PM BBT

Ian Terry and Britney Haynes are shacked up in the hammock outside talking about how to win in the Head of Household Competition if it is a ‘majority rules’ contest. Britney mentions again that maybe it is a bad move for her game to evict Janelle because she’s not going to come after her, but it is too late now. Ian says Frank isn’t going after her either. Britney warns Ian not to tell Wil anything because it will get spread around the house. Britney tells Ian she is closer to him than Shane, that she doesn’t talk to Shane much…. mmmhmmmmm.

8:35 PM BBT

The houseguests get liquor. Britney talks about how Janelle is greedy with alcohol and is always taking control of sharing it out. She says she didn’t even think of Danielle because Danielle was in the Diary Room. Danielle calls her a bitch. Britney says she does not want to keep Danielle at all now because of what Wil told her Janelle said about her. Janelle comes in and things get awkward…

8:55 PM BBT

Janelle still believes she has the votes to stay in the house. Janelle wonders if Danielle spread the lie about Wil pushing to have Janelle evicted in order to split up their group. Ashley says Wil was with her the whole night Danielle claims someone told her Janelle was targeting her, which allegedly caused her to put Janelle on the block. Janelle wonders if the whole thing about Wil is just a big lie by Danielle.

9:15 PM BBT

Danielle finally confesses to Britney that she is a nurse with 4 degrees and working on her masters. She makes Britney swear on HER LIFE she won’t tell. Hey Danielle. NO ONE CARES IF YOU ARE A NURSE. Seriously, no one in the house believes your lie about being a kindergarten teacher anyway.

9:17 PM BBT

Ashley does a very fun impersonation of Janelle. Team Tits (Ashley, Wil and Jenn) are still on the side of voting out Janelle.

9:54 PM BBT

Tipsy Danielle says if she wins at poker, he has to give her a good big kiss. She asks what does she have to give him if he wins. He says a back rub. She says he can get that anytime. He wiggles uncomfortable with shifty eyes and says he’ll think on it while he showers. (Once again Shane, I call you a man-whore!)

10:15 PM BBT

Danielle tells Mike ‘Boogie’ Malin that Janelle believes she has enough votes to stay. In fact, she says Janelle was bragging about it (which she wasn’t). Danielle continues to exagerrate and lie about her conversations with Janelle to make Janelle out to be as conniving, bullying and bitchy as possible. It’s totally freakish.

10:30 PM BBT

The houseguests get together for a poker tournament using candy for money. Ian and Dan make poker cards from the ‘conversation topic’ cards. Dan makes a trophy out of a ceramic cow. Outside, the Tits alliance (Wil, Ashley, Jenn) and Britney hang out and play.

11:15 PM BBT

Oh look, Jenn, Wil and Britney are complaining about Joe’s cooking. Jenn says she got sick from his pork chops being rare. Britney says his turkey burgers weren’t cooked either. Wil talks about his filthy hands. AND YET THEY KEEP EATING HIS COOKING EVERY DAY AND WON’T TELL HIM TO STOP. Wil jokes they will have to start milking Janelle’s boobs for nutrition. They bash Joe and Janelle for a while. It’s a fun watch on the Big Brother live feeds. If you don’t have them yet, why not jump on board now and watch all the action leading up to this week’s crazy fun live eviction?

12:30 AM BBT

Shane Meaney once again tries to squirm away from Danielle’s clutches by telling her they need to distance themselves from each other so they ‘aren’t a bigger target’. Danielle is pissed off. She’s been cuddling on Shane, sitting on his lap and basically calling him her boyfriend throughout the day. She’s soooooo delusional.

Britney comes in and tells Shane and Danielle that Janelle probably only has Joe’s vote. She says Ashley plans to tell Janelle she is voting against her tomorrow. Janelle thinks she has enough votes to stay. Britney doesn’t want Joe to know he is the only person voting to keep Janelle.

Danielle is pissy. Britney tells her not to be pouty. Britney leaves.

Shane tries to make nice with Danielle and tells her he owes her a back rub. She snarks back not to even worry about it. Shane says he thinks they will be targeted like Jeff and Jordan if they are showmancing. Danielle says she doesn’t think so. Danielle says if he wants to be with her after Big Brother she would be happy to travel any distance because she already travels a lot (barf!). He says if he doesn’t want to ever talk to her again after, fine. Shane avoids the topic and talks again about the dangers of showmance. (Run Shane, run! But watch out because she will turn into a pit viper and come after your ass like Medusa!)


Dan comes into the HoH and starts teasing heavy about Shane and Danielle’s ‘showmance’ when he finds the two of them with a tousled bed. Dan says the HoH picture of Danielle looks familiar and teases her about maybe she’s a beauty queen or something. She plays it off like she’s nothing special. Dan teases them some more and asks he if he needs to leave so they can get on with anything.

Shane says he lost a bet and he just owes Danielle a friendly massage. He says Danielle wanted a massage and manhandling and kissing. Danielle is like not and tells Dan he needs to stop teasing. He says well, they have already been kissing. Shane says well that’s because Dan told him Danielle would stay up in the HoH Competition if he promised to snog her! Danielle is like, well you didn’t have to kiss me and wants to know if Dan really said that. He denies it.

Shane says there might be a fake fight coming on. Danielle says he can have one with himself. Danielle accuses Shane of being jealous when she talks to Frank or Wil. He says he couldn’t care less because it’s less he has to do it. (Ouch! Too close to the mark there buddy.) He rolls on top of her and she tells him to get off. Dan interrupts with some study questions.

Meanwhile, over to Janelle and Joe again. Janelle says if Wil is lying about his vote… all of them are lying. Joe says he thinks Wil is lying. They count votes again. Janelle says she believes that Britney won’t vote against her and Shane will follow Britney. Dan and Danielle seem legit, she thinks.

Back in the HoH, Shane finally gives Danielle her message, in her sports bra, while staring at the camera as if to say… “Why me?”

And back to the others. Joe, Janelle and Shane are taking. Shane mentions interestingly that he was almost on The Bachelorette during Ali Fedotowsky‘s season. Boy, these Big Brother people are all reality TV show sluts at heart aren’t they?

Shane tells Janelle he is going to vote to keep her at this time. janelle is surprised. He tells her that he and Dan are going to vote to keep her. Janelle says Frank has been acting like he has the votes to stay. She pushes Shane that Frank is going to come after him. Shane says it is best if Frank goes because he’s dangerous to him. Janelle says she had a dream that she saw Joe, Ashley, Shane, and Danielle in the final four and her premonitions come true. Janelle says Wil swore on his dog’s life that he would vote to keep her. Shane continues to lie through his teeth to Janelle about getting rid of Frank.

Janelle complains aobut how Frank farts all night long and the fan blows it in her face. Grossssssssssss. Seriously though, Frank’s got some serious intestional issues or something…

3:10 AM BBT

Janelle tells Joe she feels good at knowing Shane and Dan are going to vote to keep her. Joe says he thinks Shane is behind the house moving to keep her instead of Frank. Janelle says she doesn’t get why Boogie doesn’t want to keep her. Joe says Danielle is just jealous of Janelle because she has everything she wants.

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