With only seven houseguests remaining, now that Nick Maccarone was unanimously evicted from the Big Brother 21 house during the last episode, the eye on the $500,000 prize is getting closer and closer. Each competition win becomes exponentially more important. Tonight’s Head of Household (HOH) win sets the stage for the upcoming Double Eviction week inside the Big Brother 21 house later this week.

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Outgoing HOH Holly Allen and showmance partner Jackson Michie have maintained control of the house for the last couple of weeks by grabbing back-to-back HOH victories and Michie winning the last two Power of Veto (POV) competitions. This is exactly why couples can be so dangerous in the Big Brother game; they can rotate power of the house with HOH wins each week. Will their reign of power continue in week ten, and will Michie get his first HOH repeat win like his partner Holly did last week?

Week Ten Head of Household Competition

The HOH competition is called Hold On Fright, and houseguests must hold on to the haunted house themed wall for dear life for the duration of this endurance comp where last man standing wins. Not only will the wall tilt in ways that will make every muscle cringe, but they will be battered by ramming ghosts. The houseguests will also have to endure torrential downpours during the competition making it that much more difficult to hold on.

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After just 24 minutes, the first casualty of the wall dramatically hits the ground, Jessica Milagros. Cliff Hogg III let go just before the 42 minute mark. Christie Murphy follows suit just 30 seconds later leaving Nicole Anthony, Tommy Bracco and Michie on the wall. Nicole hits the ground around 49 minutes into the comp in tears that she couldn’t hold on any longer.

Tommy cut a deal with Michie promising not to put him on the block this week. Tommy took a dive, and Michie won the HOH competition. Tommy was more than pleased to gain safety this week while still being able to compete for HOH next week. Michie and Holly maintain control of the house for the third straight week.

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Pre-Nomination Deals & Revelations

Immediately after the comp, Michie reported back to Cliff and Nicole. Michie explained to them that he did not want to win this one, but felt he had no choice going up against Tommy. He needed to protect his final four agreement with Cliff and Nicole. If tommy had won the HOH, Cliff and/or Nicole would have most likely gone on the block for eviction this week.

Nicole is still devastated that she wasn’t able to pull out a win in this comp. She feels useless in her group of four because she hasn’t won any competitions to show that she can pull her weight. She can’t stop crying over the defeat.

Michie and Cliff have a private chat about the nominations this week. Michie promised Tommy safety so he’s off the list. He also has a deal with Christie so she can’t be targeted, but she does still owe Michie a free pass as a pawn on the block. Jessica has made it clear that she wants to target the men in the house, and therefore the logical choice to target for eviction this week. So it appears that Jessica is the target, and Christie will be the pawn this week.

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Michie, Holly, Cliff, and Nicole have a conversation about game play. The thought of the Power of Veto (POV) came up and immediately Cliff offered to take the seat if Christie or Jessica were saved. Cliff is more than willing to take one for the team. He feels pretty safe with Holly and Michie in the game right now.

Tommy and Christie strategize, and Christie found out that Tommy and Michie had a deal to keep Tommy safe this week. Christie isn’t real pleased with Tommy at the moment. They also discussed the fact that Michie and Holly are obviously working with Cliff and Nicole. That revelation starts to worry Christie if Jessica comes off the block with the POV. The only other people to replace her would be Nicole or Cliff. Would Michie keep her or his allies, Cliff and Nicole?

Week Ten Block Nomination Ceremony

At the nominations ceremony, as expected, Michie nominated Christie and Jessica to block for eviction. Michie’s plan is for Jessica to be evicted this week if all goes well. Michie pitched that Jessica and Christie are mental threats, and that is why he choose them for the block this week. This is Christie’s four tour on the block, and the last two weeks have been at the hand’s of Michie. Who will win the POV, and will either Christie or Jessica be saved?

Join us again Wednesday, September 4th at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST for the Power of Veto competition.

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