Big Brother 2015 Press Day: Inside the BB17 House! [Video]

CBS has finally released their Big Brother 2015 Press Day video, but it’s a little different this year. Mainly because it doesn’t really actually feature any press. All sorts of things have been odd about the Big Brother 17 pre-season, and the network’s ‘Press Day’ video is no exception.

CBS Big Brother 2015 Press Day (CBS)
CBS Big Brother 2015 Press Day (CBS)

Despite all the rumors to the contrary, there was indeed a Big Brother 17 press day of sorts this year. Various writers and bloggers did make their way to Los Angeles to do pre-season interviews with the new Big Brother cast.

However, this year’s Big Brother 2015 Press Day video did not feature the usual crowd of actual press members. Instead, this year’s ‘Press Day’ video features soap opera stars, CBS staffers, and various attractive YouTube personalities. Which means they really should have called it the ‘random CBS people and hot YouTube girls’ Day Video.

We’re a bit disappointed, and not just because we didn’t get to be there. You can’t call it a ‘Press Day’ video when you aren’t really actually including any members of the press.

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