Big Brother Over the Top Recap: Live Weekly Show 10/19/2016

Another week of Big Brother: Over the Top is complete, and we are now preparing for the live eviction this evening and the crowning of a new Head of Household (HOH).  Scott’s target this week is well positioned for his plan to come to fruition; however, this is Big Brother.  As we all know and have seen many times, things can change at the last minute and nothing is ever certain in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother Over the Top Week 3 Nominees
Big Brother:Over the Top Block Nominees (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

The season’s only showmance between Danielle and Shane will most likely end tonight with both parties being nominated to the block this week for eviction.  The real excitement may ensue if the houseguests (HG) force the current HOH, Scott Dennis, into casting a tie vote for eviction, but many moving parts have to come together for that prediction to actually occur.

Neeley Jackson is merely a pawn filling the third spot of the block for eviction this week.  Shane has been Scott’s target since day one.  Not everyone in the house agree that Shane should be the evicted over his showmance partner Danielle.  Based on all of the conversations, plots, and plans between the HGs this week, the end of the showmance tonight is close to a certainty.

Members of the house have also talked about forcing Scott’s hand to ensure he has to cast the determining vote for eviction, putting a larger target on Scott’s back going forward in the game.

Following the weekly recap show tonight streaming tonight at 10 PM ET on CBS All Access, the HOH competition will immediately follow hosted by Big Brother 18 runner-up Paul Abrahamian.  Anyone that watched the last season of Big Brother knows that Paul will bring loads of ‘friendship’ to the HOH competition this evening.

This weekly episode begins with last week’s evictee, Monte Massongill, leaving the Big Brother house.  The HGs are certainly realizing the power that the fans have in this season of Big Brother.  Alex made the realization that America’s vote is what determined that Monte was evicted last week.

The HOH competition is called BB Barcode.  The HGs must determine which piece of barcode is the longest.  Big Brother has given the HGs a piece of chain link to help measure the barcodes with or they may use their own body parts for measuring.  There are a couple of hundred barcode boards that must be analyzed to determine which board is the longest.

Big Brother Cast (Photo Courtesy of CBS)
Big Brother Cast (Photo Courtesy of CBS)

Scott has won HOH.  He has welcomed all the HGs to campaign to him in his new HOH room.

America’s Care Package (ACP) has arrived, and Scott has won also!  The ACP is “Pick-a-Veto”.  The three options of this veto include:

  • Diamond Veto – The holder of this veto has the power to remove someone from the chopping block and also name the replacement nominee.
  • Double Veto – Two vetoes will be awarded at the veto competition and in play this week.
  • Boomerang Veto – The winner of this veto will be able to use it twice.  That means the holder could remove two people from the chopping block at the veto meeting.

With America’s deep involvement in the game, Scott must carefully consider his choices for the upcoming safety ceremony with the care package twist involved.



The first round of the safety ceremony  grants safety to Justin, Alex, and, Whitney, and, Jason.  The second round of the safety ceremony the following evening grants safety to Morgan, Shane, Danielle, and Shelby.  Therefore, Kryssie and Neeley are the nominations for eviction this week by Scott.

America’s nominee for eviction this week is Danielle.  She is  devastated by this decision and sobs into Shane’s arms.

Have-Nots for the week are Danielle, Alex, and Shelby.

At the commencement of the veto ceremony, Scott chooses the Double Veto for his ACP this week.  This means there will be two vetoes awarded.  The Power of Veto (POV) pits HGs against each other solving 4-piece puzzles.  Once a HG loses a round, they are eliminated form the competition.  The last HG standing is the winner.  With the Double Veto ACP received by Scott, the last two HGs standing will win POV.


Justin won the first veto.  Alex wins the second POV.  Danielle is devastated again that she has not won the POV and feels as though she has let herself down along with everyone else.  Shane is right by her side, again, to console Danielle in her time of need.

At the POV meeting, Alex decides to not use the POV she earned.  Justin has decided to use his POV and remove Kryssie from the block for eviction.  Scott, as the HOH, has decided to nominate Shane as the replacement nominee for Kryssie, therefore solidifying his plan to backdoor Shane this week.

The Jamboree and the Ball Smashers are torn as to whether they vote out Danielle or Shane.  There has been talk to split the votes to force Scott to make the tie-breaking vote which will put a larger target on his back for the remainder of the game and also put blood on his hands.  Many different scenarios must come together for that to come to fruition such as America’s eviction vote, so that is a long way off from actually working for the HGs.

The Eviction ceremony has begun.  The votes for eviction this week are as follows:

  • Alex votes to evict Shane
  • Whitney votes to evict Shane
  • Kryssie votes to evict Danielle
  • Justin votes to evict Danielle
  • Morgan votes to evict Shane
  • Jason votes to evict Danielle
  • Shelby votes to evict Shane
  • America votes to evict Danielle

By a vote of 4-4, Scott must break the tie.  Scott makes his decision based on the action of Shane and Danielle and their integrity. Scott votes to evict Shane from the Big Brother house leaving much blood on his hands.

Once Shane has left the BB house, Kryssie lands all over Scott for evicting Shane.  She tells Scott that he made this personal against Shane and that Shane is a human being.  I guess Danielle and Neeley are not humans and it would not have been personal if he had chosen one of them for eviction.

In the end, Scott managed to pull of a text book backdoor eviction which should be noted.  Shane was Scott’s original target named as soon as he won HOH this week, Shane was not on the block to play for veto, and once Kryssie was taken off the block, Shane was the replacement nominee for eviction.  Perfection!

Stay tuned for the Head of Household play-by-play coming up next.


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